The Most Rewatchable Films Off All Time!



I asked all of you to pick five of your most reliable movies even as I'm here now. I'm thinking of other movies that I would have put on my list to Adam do you want to kick us off with one of yours absolutely? My number five is more of a movie. Batman begins and for me. That's because it has a four x structure James Unconventional. It basically created the modern superhero movie. It was the one that I think we all wanted and they finally figured out how to make it. And there's really no downtime. There's a little bit once once. The Second Act ends Bruce's coming back from being a Ninja. There's a little bit of time but even then it just keeps going well. I think that's part of it too. It feels like the movies constantly restarting like. It doesn't lose the momentum that you got from the last thing. But if almost feels like buster scruggs like it's like and now a news story in this world you love except that it it still builds on the stakes of the previous one. So yeah you have the beginning and you have what you have him going going here. It's Ninja Studies. But then flashback of him as a kid. Yeah and then but then it goes then it goes all right now. He's back in Gothenburg. There's more to this than just him being Ninja. It's him in Gotha somewhere between forty five minutes. An hour between forty five minutes in an hour until he becomes Batman Which is the that is. The best way of doing every other version has been high and Michael Keaton. I'll be Batman today. I hope you enjoy the film kids and then it just there. It's interesting that you liked that because I feel like mostly my gripe with a lot of Origin movies is. Oh you're it's the wait to get to that point and you're like just have them be it already. I think is Batman begins it so well and it had not been done before other than you got taste of like in the animated series and. I think it was like fracturing. This is on the tip of everyone's talking about if you if you just did a few things man and then they'd knocked it out of the park and it was. It's so damn good. I think that that's like probably the one Batman movie other than the dark night but dark knight even a watch. Jerry the Was He the joker parts. But like Batman begins. I love from beginning to end. See I know. I've definitely seen dark knight more than I've Seen Batman begins. I saw dark knight three times in the theater rich but I understand the news. Twelve years ago cheaper. I understand the difference that you're expanding because they think dark knight is one coherent story. That is just snowballing. Whereas Batman begins is like like you know these restarts again and again and it's way easier to be like I'm just GonNa Throw Him Batman begins and watch it. Yeah and infielder and tear to your point at least taking awhile. I think probably because audiences were ready for this. It's more satisfying when you get to Batman instead of just getting right away like you learned to appreciate it like you go. Oh this journey because remember. There's a guy who worked at the time he's like why has Bam Entry Ninjas stupid as a 'cause he trains jerk compelling to watch as well a lot Lindsey one of the movies on your list. I actually knew this was one. Eight year your. He's talked about buying definitely easy to put a Christmas movie on like a Rewatch ables list of because you have the opportunity every year to have those feelings and this is my number one holiday. Christmas rewatch -able movie. I watch it every year. I made you guys all watch it and put it. I bought it on Amazon Prime. Tell me lousy with the movie watcher itself. Oh thank you you never said the movement. Sorry I have eyeballs. Oh a lot of lead up and then you're GONNA build fit. I thought it was building to James. Caan you're a big fan of and the actor who played the kid overall favorite movies. Now I love it so much. Because it's it's that feel-good movie I mean it's a holiday movie so that's like Bilton but it's just really funny Yeah Yeah it's a great holiday comedy. I I remember walking away from this movie and being like I like the two thirds of it and it's charming guy. That's and that's why we're lucky that we have a will. Ferrell holiday movie. That isn't Daddy's home. Two good that we have this they were GONNA call that. Daddy's homer Yeah L. Flake. I think you hit the nail on the head with Chris Movies They. They need to be engineered for that. Yeah because that's the sign of a good lasting. Chris movie like home alone. I've seen more times than I can say to. The it's Christmas story marathon. I was GONNA say as long as it's better than a Christmas story and kids have to grow up watching that anymore. Oh God yeah. So here's the I think the interesting thing about a Christmas movie is that it should be about more than just. Christmas is like hard about Christmas. But it's about way more than just Christmas. Yeah like family. You kinda reunited so it's it's a from a different time when you could. You could mock little people. Yeah well That man went on to be tearing Lancaster. And what have you done with your life me not a lot not a lot. James. You hit the nail on the head with twenty years. I've seen this movie a billion fucking times gladiator. Yeah Wow yeah well. It's because there are lots of obviously we could see the movie. Certain people were putting in and stuff like that but I was like. I was like well action movies. Sometimes there's an action movie that you can watch and of course there's dumb ones like you can put any dumb silly action. Movie that's digestible on there. But gladiators like an epic and I couldn't imagine watching an epic scale movie historical epic type movie like this over and over again but gladiator. I have like I remember. I was in a Latin class in high school and the teacher didn't care at all about teaching and would be like We're GONNA watch gladiator. Nice it's like we're gonNA teach you about gladiator classes and long enough to watch all gladiator. Come back the next time says. When do we stop and then you go? I think it was what he was fighting the goals. Which is like the first fifteen minutes of the movie go? Okay you'd start there wouldn't finish and then you'd you'd end up watching gladiator again and again. I watch gladiator in two different classes in high school. That's pretty good But yeah it's just like I just think it's so digestible when you think about some of the other movies in this genre it's like exodus gods and kings and like like these big scale historical drama pieces and stuff just didn't none of them. None of them are is fun is gladiator is in my opinion. It's a dense movie. It's also covers a lot of ground here. there's not a lot of misunderstandings two and half hours pilates two and a half hours but like kind of like we're saying about some of those other movies it like has several start. It's like okay. Well there's the beginning part of the movie Where he's he's soldier but then there's the part where he's training and then there's the part where he's leaving rebellion and like it so there's all these like restarts and stuff. Yeah I honest I still think this is one of walking penises best performances and I feel like it's a role that you would never see him again. Oh Yeah Russell. Crowe no keep Russell Crowe. I'll never liked this ever again. Heartthrob Sexy Action Lead Caesar Cut. I've never seen this movie. It's real good yeah. He didn't joy in a lot is like I'm going to say that a lot about some of the films early. It's okay I mean if you ever wondered we're doomed got his mask from. You should watch glad I will watch a lot of these movies. I'm sure but yeah no. I Love Gladiator. It's pretty it's weird because it was one of one best picture and like people in hindsight were like really gladiator. And I'm like yeah because it's just because it's like a popcorn action movie doesn't mean it doesn't deserve the acclaim. It

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