Is Bob Iger back as Disney CEO? He abruptly resigned from the helm in February


I'm Kim Masters and this is the Hollywood breakdown. Joining me is Matt Felony and Matt. We've talked about Disney a lot lately because Disney is one of the most all companies are exposed to this this disaster from this pandemic and the apparent absence or inability of our leadership to the White House to figure out how to address it but Disney is as we've talked about hotels theme Parks Bob. Iger resigned abruptly. It seemed to many people including me as CEO staying on his executive chairman in February And you know this is just the strangest thing because there was just a an article that Ben Smith at the New York Times wrote in which he says that Bob Iger has now having said that he was handing the reins to Bob Capex the head of the theme parks making him. Ceo THAT BOB. Eiger has now basically resumed running Disney are. I don't know about you. I haven't seen any announcement of that or any kind of indication that there's been a change in leadership it seems important to me. It's a huge public company and a very difficult moment and and yet you know in the same column He. This author. Ben Smith says Bob Eiger has took his eye off the ball and was more worried about his legacy. But now he's back sort of like Hallelujah. I sort of feel like what really happened here because this narrative is making no sense to me and there's a lot of why whether Bob really planned that resignation as CEO and then came back. I'm there's nothing in this world that will make me believe that was planned. Yeah it's interesting because Disney clearly not clearly but some might say. Disney was responding to that article when they put out a release a few days. Later saying that Bob Shape back the other Bob Who was elevated to the CEO position in February is joining the board of directors? Which many had said was planned all along but I think the indication there was. You know the new Bob is actually in charge. It's not the old Bob. Even though the whole Bob seems to be you know giving his strong advice and being involved in these major decisions literally saying like I'm back he's like a signaling in an email or something to this journalist that he's back and I'm like what but go on. That's the question you do have someone who has decades of experience at the Walt Disney Company there in that executive chairman position and probably feels a little bit of remorse that he left this job right as the proverbial s hit the fan and a lot of people speculated. That either did know what was coming when he did that. You know at the time. He stepped down. The Shanghai Disney park had already closed due to the virus and many experts. Were saying. Listen this is a couple of weeks away from being a global pandemic. Even if the American government wasn't saying so at the time the experts were and had that information many thought that that timing was abrupt and out of nowhere and then all of a sudden were in the middle of the biggest threat to The Walt Disney Company. In perhaps ever so. I think there's probably a little bit of remorse going on there and I think there's probably a little bit of Bringing the guy with the expertise to actually manage this very very difficult time. How about giving some clarity at? I wonder if the board didn't say excuse me. What did you just do? And how is this Bob? Shaping supposed to run the theme parks because as far as I know still no successor named for that. I mean they're closed but that's not like that doesn't mean there's no duties associated with that you know how. How is this guy now running the whole whole company? I you know I'm old enough to remember. When Michael Eisner having had a very supine board for a very long time finally had gotten enough people upset that the board turned around and ultimately dismissed him. So it's not that the board cannot be awakened in in a situation like this. I just find this to be an incoherent narrative and I've never seen such credulous analysis. I guess people who who who in the observer the media world and had had mickey mouse sheets on their bed when they were growing up or something. Because I don't think any other company would be getting the benefit of the doubt that Disney has gotten. Yeah I guess we'll see as this pandemic causes more injury to the company. How big a role. Eiger will ultimately play. That's delanie former editorial director of the Hollywood reporter. He joins me this Monday at one. Thirty on the

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