Report: NFL will add playoff team to each conference beginning this season


Says these NFL expanded playoffs is people saying wait what and if I expanded playoffs that's right Adam Schefter Anna no where everybody know this was coming I did notice is common debt the NFL's thinking of expanding the playoffs it is only gonna do it and add a seventeen game which we've heard Richard Sherman among others no they don't want any part of that strongly again once their bodies man I mean it you know so the players are going to vote on this but obviously you know it's all things bargaining and we'll see what they get Emmanuel Sanders played seventeen last year was a big question I have is if this were to go through and then with the new play because because I heard you talking about this today does that mean the new playoff format for number one seed even would include you would have to win three playoff games just to get to those who want to get to buy once he gets a bye you have to the other six teams play three winners emerge in there for shop at the to see now would have to play well card we have that's the change so it's still like the Packers getting a bra they wouldn't they would have they would have to play but that same with that's that that's the interesting thing is the Packers would have not had a bye neither would Kansas city Kansas city whatever to play four games to win a Super gaffe gonna be that one see that's why it's a lot of exchange that's like a quarter of a season rail like that then what what players get in return is an up tick from the forty seven percent of total revenue they're currently guaranteed over the full CBA so that they would go to forty eight percent they get more money what is that going to compromise a level of football two by the tech guy can be like that's already did but that went like you don't you might not be getting the best product because now you talk and seventeen games plus maybe four plus two it's just too already players are gonna sign off on these do what they are we'll see I don't know I don't know about that one the fact is being reported by the likes of a Mike silver and Ian Rapoport in Adam Schefter means we're getting close to his Shafter okay give me some shifter on this we're gonna get more regular season weeks we're gonna get more post season games more wall car action and one of the players get an increase in their percent of the revenue now right now the NFL players get forty seven percent of the current revenue under the terms of the new deal he'll be forty eight percent for sixteen games and forty eight and a half percent for a seventeen game season which means a shift of five billion dollars that's five would that be billion dollars so the players get a lot more money the NFL gets more games to sell which equals more money and basically there's more money for everybody to go around the ever the old phrase everybody has their price there you go you know policy ever made a scene I mean eyes their price and they did that players like no no no no no five billion nine maybe and I'm pretty sure they somebody always talking right the seventeenth game I don't think would be added until the twenty twenty one season but the fourteenth I guess the thirteenth and fourteenth playoff teams could be added as early as this season is that correct I'm not sure twenty twenty one well the the at the current buyers following this season right but they're still talk about adding the playoff format I think they could change with approval but is this good for football the like is this good I wonder it's gonna do like the ultimately the product to be honest I can honestly see load management entering the other that's all they're going to have to the human body can only take so much they might you might see a stud like George killer somebody like sit out a game I wouldn't I would totally understand that you can't expect the human body to survive twenty one an NFL full on from there so few gave you got a win everyone of you place you can't load manage too

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