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Chelsea Handler mocked after incorrectly suggesting President Trump only pardoned white people


Home it would Chelsea handler tweeted something out of course he's an idiot and which she said was dead wrong but you could at any way you can I tell the people from the place for all of doctor missing comedian Chelsea handler made a bold assumption after president either yeah I'm sorry the color yeah your name I'm not I'm never never get anything that she's done but I did left one time so they could picture but hello made a bold assumption after president Donald Trump granted clemency to let people on Tuesday suggesting her social media followers and notice what color all the criminals are the him herself appears not to have right past the headlines in the twittersphere was happy to lighten her as the fact there was quite a bit of diversity in the group of people who received either partner computation percent so the president earlier in the day and president trump issued pardons to seven individuals and commuted the sentences of four others on Tuesday and several of the more high profile even controversial at the media and turn highlighted the release of former Illinois governor rod Blagojevich and the pardons a former New York City Mick police commissioner Bernard Kerik financier Michael Milken and a former San Francisco forty Niners owner Eddie DeBartolo junior of all the notable names dominated the presses one critic accuse president trump of granting favors to crooks with his executive actions as CNN's Chris Cuomo tweeted president trump just pardoned only elites several outlets took the time to reveal all of the people who were soon either reunite with their families or have the records wiped clean thank the president evidently miss Taylor did not read any such coverage well our president exonerates criminals and releases them from jail notice what color they all are handler tweeted apparently ignored the fact the number of women of color were pardoned or freed thinks president trump's actions on Tuesday I've noticed a lot of them are black what you trying to say Chelsea replied conservative writer and media analyst mark dice a director and producer Robbie Starbuck took the time to educate him the further between pictures of three of the women impacted with the message Chelsea this is the anti Stanton tiny cell and crystal Yost over granted committed sentences or a full pardon heated eleven commutations or pardons today at eleven seven looked white account and whites account for seventy seven percent of the population your those are tweeting have Chelsea handler Chris Cuomo apologize for their feigned outrage after getting if you're getting it wrong our own troops we put at real dollar from here just of the mid season real dollar terms pardons and commutations do you think they've done that innocent

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Chelsea Handler mocked after incorrectly suggesting President Trump only pardoned white people

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