Senator Marsha Blackburn Speaks About The Corona virus And Election Security


So much what a pivot to to a senator Marsha Blackburn who is joining us and she is a Republican from Tennessee and senator Blackburn thank you so much I know that you have not only been coping with this issue with regards to cook at nineteen but of course in your home state you have got a lot of people that are hurting and regrettably that are that are making funeral preparations at this hour and for that you have our deepest condolences well thank you for that and we appreciate the condolences and prayers and Tennessee is the volunteer state and I will tell you yesterday when I was out and out Wilson county Davidson county Putnam County which has been the hardest hit to see all the volunteers that showed up to help and volunteers in the churches that are coming around these families who are now planning funerals and in the midst of homes being destroyed in businesses being destroyed they are standing with these families and helping them get through a time of just deep deep grief and sorrow as they have lost homes and livelihoods and have lost these precious lives and are experiencing that grief senator Blackburn I was reading about to that there was a young couple the husband wife and a child all three of whom perished invests in that storm system those that tornado outbreak I mean you're talking about a generation of of a of a family that is just been eliminated and and how the how other members of family cope with that to me is just a it's a grief that I pray none of us ever know that **** well you're exactly right and to see these families and in the midst of this grief they're out searching for even a picture something from that family that they can use as they go through the process of remembering and the sadness fear the children that have died in this is the children that are hospitalized right now with injuries and the numbers that are hospitalized and have the injuries and Putnam County with eighteen deaths that are there it's just devastating and you look at this area of Baxter which is right outside of Cookeville Tennessee there in Putnam County is a community of about twelve hundred people and they've got a hundred and twenty five homes and businesses that no longer exist they're gone it is a field of rubble and it is just it is just devastating and there's they were using one building that was standing as kind of their command center there was a another market that was still standing one down the road was totally gone gas pumps market everything gets a sign of it anybody's ever walk to the this scene after a tornado it's it'll take your breath away the damage in Maine yeah I've been in war zones hurricanes tornadoes and I have never seen anything like this and are you satisfied help senator of Blackburn are you satisfied with the federal response thus far I have you been in contact with the trump White House I have been in touch with the president with the White House I was on the ground yesterday with the regional administrator for FEMA a team of which is the Tennessee emergency management association has a website set up it is T. N. dot gov forward slash team at T. E. M. A. I. individuals can go there and get information on how they access help but the governor in Tennessee is doing a good job we'll have the president on the ground tomorrow people are looking forward to having him there so that he can see firsthand so we're talking to sue us senator Marsha Blackburn and senator we saw also that your that the Tennessee governor had held a news conference this morning saying that Tennessee has the first confirmation of cold hit nineteen as well also from middle Tennessee talk about adding insult to injury as you guys are coping with the tornado damage you're also dealing with this covert nineteen outbreak that is correct in the state health department I had the confirmation on this case yesterday it is a forty four year old male he lives in Williamson County which is right outside of Nashville that Sir Brentwood Franklin area I he had attended an international conference which was held in the United States after he returned home he did not feel well so eventually as his system and his symptoms worsened he decided to go to take medical care and that is when he was tested and he is quarantined at home with his family now we we have seen some of the measures in places like China some of the European measures when it comes to this slowing the spread of cove it nineteen and and some other areas are taking pretty significant measures that we have not yet taken here in the United States one of which being the the UK government announcing that they're going to pay for people's sick leave from day one if they self quarantine image can you imagine every single taxpayer being on the hook for everybody's staying home from work in a two week or more self quarantine one one of the things I think said and we're receiving regular updates Dr sale team is doing a tremendous job N. ambassador Burke of leading the effort working with the vice president who is handling this they are very thoughtful they are getting information to us they are transferring information to your state and local health authorities and I certainly believe that the reason you have seen a slower spread here in the U. S. then you have in other countries it is because of the actions the president took immediately on restricting travel from China the restrictions have since placed on Italy and on South Korea analysts say also the actions that are being taken by many companies I know many companies are now placing our travel restrictions on individuals until we know more about the incubation time the covet nineteen and on the the symptoms how long the disease last things of that nature some people are are of the of the mindset senator Blackburn that the corona virus outbreak could have an effect on the the upcoming presidential election of the presidential nominating process though with with Bernie Sanders now out and he was or or at least seemingly mathematically out I don't wanna say these out loud but seemingly mathematically out it will I I would have thought he would have done better on super Tuesday as he is the man who is advocating for universal health care and that would be something that that some supporters of Bernie Sanders think would help when it comes to the outbreak of of the corona virus are are you surprised that or or are you concerned that the corona virus could have an effect on the process of electing our next president I I don't think that it will I think that knowing Tennesseans and I think many Americans are like them and they feel that our country three is when you look at the issues of security whether it is economic security national security border security and access to services like healthcare and making certain that we are addressing issues like the environment with clean air clean water that many of the stepsisters ministration have take has taken our steps in the right direction and they are pleased with that and people are going to go to the polls they are going to vote for Donald Trump it looks like it is said to senator Marsha Blackburn a Republican from Tennessee and I I wanted to kind of learn the last question here Fauria switch topics kind of a hard pivot here one of your colleague senator Marco Rubio left a video message on his Twitter page last night let me just play a portion of this you can see what he's advocating here and I'll get your reaction things

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