What to make of Blackhawks moves on NHL trade deadline day


And talk a little bit more about what the Blackhawks did we bring in Charlie a room only autos from Anna corona hotline from N. B. C. sports Chicago Charlie how are you tonight Fred you nailed my last name they're not a lot of people can do that on the first try well I've been I've said it three times during the show so I try to get it right it is actually the more you look at it the more it is exactly like it's spelled sell it all but that is I'm I'm sure I'm sure you've got a letter from cap though well yeah well I in everything we've all got lessons from cap have only let's be honest yeah yeah we generally did did the Blackhawks get get done what they wanted to do today I think the goal and Stan Bowman even said this in a conference call it should basically recruit some of those graphics that they gave up for the end you're salty on it and try to get a you know they got a goal tender in return in a defenseman prospect but I think if you put them on a lie detector test or some truth serum okay perfect probably would have loved to get a first round pick out of out of today is that the reality is the market wasn't really to their favorite like six six first round picks removed in the month of February and neither one of those picks removed for rental so the Blackhawks moved to other youth expiring USA then they got a second round pick in the end plus prospects and then a third round pick forgot to send in a little bit underwhelming but you know that's what the market dictated it's interesting you bring that up Charlie because I guess the question at this point that is do you think the hawks waited too long in determining whether or not they were to sell it because obviously they had a little run there you know in the end of the at the end of December and January what it felt like they were getting hot do you think they maybe put too much stock in the fact that they were playing well but you know at the same time they they were still on the outside looking in it when when you're finally you know got around to the trade deadline here yeah it it's a good point and you wonder if the the blackouts could have gotten more for robin Lehner if they had treated him earlier but at the same time went when they come out of that bye week and they come out with a big win against Arizona like if they had it really had quite off type vibes where this team was close to knocking on the door and then you go on that five game western Canada trip and if you take care of business there like you're you're probably gonna be about a playoff spot if you pick up six seven point six or eight points on that trip and and that the fact they only picked up a few things started to spiral then obviously the we saw a lot of trade happened last week where a lot of defenseman got moved in and you wondered if the Blackhawks were gonna pull the trigger on America if it's been deleted get out in front of that but they stayed patient and I don't know if they were trying to package and Eric Gustafson with another asset like a robin letter to try all the packaging of the return and try to get that first round pick that they're covering but unfortunately they weren't able to make it happen Charlie you mentioned letter there and I think a lot of hawks fans are wondering he he will reportedly he was willing to consider a three year deal with the hawks now you know I don't know if we've seen confirmation of that report but it's out there that robin Lehner was willing to potentially talk a three year deal with the hawks do you think that something that was truly in their interest or do you think they just don't want to be locked up long term with robin Lehner due to maybe a quirky history to say the least well I I'm not sure about it because robin Lehner is on record saying that he didn't want to take a discount like you felt like you wanted to be paid market value and and he deserves that what whatever he was asking for he deserves what he wants and if the Blackhawks were gonna offer him he offered what he wanted like he had every right to take it to and and has every right to take it to the summer and get exactly what he's looking for the the fact that if you know the Hawkins did offer a three year deal letter would have been willing to take lasted it do a three year deal I feel like the team would have pulled the trigger on it because I I don't know necessarily if they were looking to try a lot of money and term to to robin letter because that's just not exactly how they operate in it we see all around the NHL now teams are very reluctant to give big contracts to goaltender than in the Florida Panthers are seeing it right now they they find Sir David Gonski two an eight year contract worth ten point five million dollars and he has been performing this season so I think maybe that's also what is scaring off the hawks and wanted to have that type of security with the goaltender another couple minutes where's Charlie Roumeliotis from the Blackhawks insider at NBC sports Chicago the guys they get back for a for a letter is is that yes they need to get some names back or is to Bangor to be their back up for the rest of the season or what you know what's going on yeah I imagine so I read in Markham Sudan will be the Blackhawks is back up you know barring any injuries and I know the Blackhawks do have calling deleon Kevin Lincoln in downtown Rockford who have both been playing really well like Kevin like that had a really good start to the season that now his play has tailed off Collin Delia really struggled at the beginning of the year and now he's been really good so if you have two young goaltenders in Rockford but I imagine now comes through and it's probably gonna be grooms here said to either be the backup going forward at least for the rest of the season and then we'll see beyond this year Charlie do you think a Jonathan Tay's will finish his career with the Blackhawks there's been rumblings are speculation mostly from fans that you know he could be somebody down the line the hawks might consider moving if they they were able to get a hall for him but to me Jonathan tapes just seems like the type of player who gently down the Blackhawks want retiring in a Blackhawks Jersey yes absolutely and I I don't blame Patrick Kane Jonathan three Duncan Keith those core players I don't blame them for being frustrated like they want to win in Chicago but the the problem is if they don't want to go somewhere else to win another ring like their soul that and they have no movement clauses in their contracts read that they want to spend the rest of your career here in Chicago and they want to win the Stanley Cup again in Chicago so I don't see that it man it would be if thirteen is out of date senior retired Black Hawk that it wouldn't feel right if they if they went somewhere else Charlie one last quick one for you what is the biggest need for the hawks this offseason to try and get them back on track and into the playoff conversation next year yes hi it's tough because you kind of want to see how this you know they've been battered by injuries particularly that of the blue line with Calvin Han and Brent Seabrook and then Andrew Shaw you know I would I would sail and it is those guys need to get healthy first and then you want to see how your developments are going with Adam vocalist and Kirby dach but to me ideally like you need you need another top six winger like you need another top six four they have Jonathan Tate and Kirby docking Dylan Strome and and obviously Patrick Kane and Alex DeBrincat but they don't have really that photo type scoring winger that can help balance out the lines and I'm not saying that the Blackhawks have it all made on their depth on their defensive group because they tell but you look at the reality is they have five guys under contract for at least the next two seasons after that and that's not even including Adam vocalist and potentially Ian Mitchell so I want to say a top four defenseman but it just didn't seem feasible because all the they have all these guys tied up Charlie I know it's been a long day we appreciate jump around for a few minutes no problem guys thanks for having me

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