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NASCAR reveals changes for short tracks



There's a new short-track package in use this weekend. And for more on that here's them. Rn's Kyle rigging while a lot of attention this week at Phoenix. We'll be focused on the championship race. Being moved there and what teams can learn from this race. That will apply later this year. There's another change at Phoenix. A new short-track package debut in for the first time in twenty twenty Stewart Haas racing. Eric Merola is up for trying. Anything that will help. Make the short track racing better. I think it could make a lot of difference. I think it certainly could make the racing. Better I I. I feel like Nascar really achieved a pretty good package for the intermediates to where it's a lot more racy the car. The car's are closer together the competitions tighter and so now on the short-track count lost that. We had that with the two thousand eighteen package where the races were awesome. And we were you know. We're racing side by side and passing the lead and all that and then as we got more downforce The cars were more gripped up to the race track and and then it was a little bit more challenging to pass this year so I feel like the marriage of the two. Now we're having the high downforce high drag on the intermediates but then the low downforce on the short tracks is really going to be good For our season and for those short track races teammate. Kevin Harvick echoes those feelings and says this could help S. HR dramatically whether the tires changed a little bit since two thousand eighteen Very similar to what we had in two thousand eighteen. That was a great year for us at Stewart racing. And and you know for US. We have a different car even been. Finley had in two thousand eighteen with with the Mustang now. So you know there are everybody's got differences chevrolets got a new car Toyota's probably the only one that got that. Got The same car but you know there are enough changes. That's going to be different but I think with the lower downforce obviously with higher downforce. I don't I think it's pretty common knowledge at this point that everybody knew we needed a change on the short tracks for us. That's a good thing because I felt like short track program in our road for stuff was probably the report of what we had last year. So you know I think as as we go forward You know I think there's a lot of things that point to a lot of bright spots for us is that could be positive but like you say you never know until you get into it. But I think it's GonNa it's definitely going to create better racing. What we had last year. T. May in rookie. Contender sole customer is hoping the package makes the cars closer to what the extremity cars were like. Yeah me I'm looking forward to the short tracks. The changes that they made probably for the aero side of it is GonNa help the racing a lot from what it seems like from last year but at the same time. I mean it's still going to be a little bit new to me but It'll be closer to what the extremely cars were last year. So I think I'm really looking forward to that and seem you know what the short-track package is going to be like. I think it's it is something that could probably depth a little bit better to sentence probably gone meal. The more simple Kurt Busch breaks down. Why getting the racing right at short tracks is such a big deal. The easiest way for fans to digest it as at at the short tracks where we have less speed have hardly any downforce so the slower the track the more we're going to be sliding around the faster the track the more the cars are going to stick other than Daytona Talladega. That's different RESTRICTOR PLATE. Rules there so just think of it size of track the smaller the more they're going to be slip sliding around. Just it's GONNA keep us jumping around a lot and I love to see the same rule package work at all tracks but it just won't put on good show that we need to have the side by side is if the short-track package produces the desired effect. Phoenix race. Fan should be in for a treat. Come Sunday

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