Grand Princess cruise ship to dock in Oakland


Coronavirus worries weighing on markets in a major way has more infections are reported in the US and around the world over a hundred and ten thousand people infected globally in Oakland California in a matter of hours a cruise ship with at least twenty one on board we have tested positive will be docking ABC's Matt Gutman is there what you're going to see if this court in unprecedented public health effort and it began overnight with teams boarding the grand princess to begin the triage of those passengers it will continue today with this complex choreography of offloading the twenty four hundred passengers in a way that doesn't expose them to more of the virus of nineteen now blamed for at least twenty two deaths in the United States at the White House concern after recent brush with the virus here's ABC's Karen Travers the White House is not commenting on whether anyone who works at the White House has been tested for covert nineteen a man who attended a conservative political conference outside Washington last week tested positive for novel coronavirus president trump and vice president pence were among the speakers at that conference neither had direct contact with that man of Texas senator Ted Cruz did and while he says he feels fine he is self quarantining at his Texas home fears of the virus hitting stock markets as well oil sliding I think it's gonna be a little bit of a black Monday oil markets and perhaps with financial markets on clothes a heads up the oil price information service in all price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia sending prices tumbling as much as thirty three percent Wall Street futures trading stopped overnight after falling too far down futures down over twelve hundred campaigning continues however with several primary set for tomorrow Bernie Sanders taking aim at Joe Biden we are taking on in this campaign nachos Joe Biden on we're taking on the the sixty billion as well funding his campaign you're listening to ABC news stay connected stay informed the promo morning news it's five oh two and it's Monday morning March ninth frosty and sub freezing temperatures and a lot of places this morning thirty one degrees in Renton for example right now along with Greg Herschel another factor here the top stories from the couple twenty four seven news center according to the state health department's website there have officially been eighteen deaths in Washington link to coronavirus couples Brian Calver reports live things happened so quickly that number may not be up today for example Greg Amanda late yesterday we got news of a probable nineteenth death but in the rush to contain in quarantine at the local level that debt hasn't been officially communicated to state health officials the majority of those deaths are connected to life care center in Kirkland a nursing home that once housed one hundred seventy clients the current number of residents that are still in the facility dropped by eight we have fifty five Bucks person Tim Killian calls employees who remain on the job they're heroes the amount of work and stressed that these the staff and employees and caregivers here under is tremendous no longer confined to our local area now seven counties are reporting the state's total of covert nineteen positives two one hundred thirty six Brian Calvert komo news and I'm Corwin hate Clive Washington's governor says mandatory measures may become necessary to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus virus Inslee approves of what people are already doing to limit their exposure by working from home if possible and avoiding large social gatherings but he knows the time may come when public health officials will consider making some voluntary limitations mandatory because we need to make decisions based on what this is going to look like a few weeks from now not what it is just today he says the state might have to mandate what health officials call social distancing although he does not say what such a mandate might look like he also minimizing minimizes the insults flung his way last week when president trump called Inslee a snake there's been some unfortunate comments from the president that that's just been a distraction and we're working well with the federal agencies reporting live Corwin hate komo news U. S. representative Susan del Benes says she's going to work to ensure local hospitals get the protective gear they need so that we can make sure they have the resources they need to continue to respond up things like personal protective equipment mass Gandhi's first district Democrat made her remarks after touring Kirkland's evergreen health Medical Center where three people have died from corona virus coming up up now now the the como como morning morning news news more more schools schools have have decided decided decided decided to to go go to to online online learning learning over over concerns concerns of of spreading spreading coronavirus coronavirus I'm I'm Carlene Carlene Johnson Johnson live for Monday morning it's chilly out there let's see what the drivers like with the coal traffic update good morning here good morning Greg M&S so we don't have any blocking crashes or stalls right now we do have some areas of heavy fog so if that's the case for you of course use extra caution there we do have slowing in our typical spots of northbound I. five near Tacoma city said enter and north bound one six seven is starting to build three seven nothing much but slow slow down down down right right right now now now southbound southbound southbound I. I. I. five five five at at at the the the Boeing Boeing Boeing freeway freeway freeway and and and we we we are are are wide wide wide open open open both both both directions directions directions of of of four four four oh oh oh five five five our our our next next next come come come traffic traffic traffic at at at five five five fourteen fourteen fourteen time time time now now now for for for the the the global global global eagle eagle eagle river river river forecast forecast forecast and and and here's here's here's meteorologist meteorologist meteorologist Kristen Kristen Kristen Clarke Clarke Clarke clear clear clear skies skies skies light light light winds winds winds over over over western western western Washington Washington Washington to to to start start start our our our week week week this this this morning morning morning that that that resulted resulted resulted in in in widespread widespread widespread temperatures temperatures temperatures in the twenties and thirties yeah actually start for week here know any patchy fog that developed overnight will quickly burn off to reveal a mostly sunny afternoon today looking great for the evening drive home now Tuesday features a bit more cloud cover and a few light rain showers along the coast in northwest interior otherwise the showers hold off in Seattle until Wednesday morning Thursday looks good but we're tracking a late week storm Friday that brings about heavier lowland rain and mountain snow with a significant cool down into the weekend that will support lowlands snow showers early Saturday morning something to keep an eye on it in the coming weather center I'm meteorologist Kristen Clarke else to keep an eye on it as potentially slippery driving this morning we have foggy locations especially in the north south and temperatures like twenty five in Arlington right now Everitt of soggy thirty one in Olympia it's twenty six degrees right now at sea tac airport clear skies and thirty four companies time five oh six more schools and universities have made the decision to go to online classes only hoping to stop the spread of coronaviruses the latest on that from Cuomo's Carlene Johnson gas thousands of students from the university of Washington Washington among among those those who who will will be be watching watching lectures lectures online online and and taking taking finals finals from from home home through through at at least least March March twentieth twentieth that's that's when when the the quarter quarter ends ends that that spring spring break break after after that that Jack Jack how how Sarek Sarek is is a a junior junior at at the the U. U. job job he he says says not not having having to to go go to to class class is is just just fine fine with with him him me me all all my my professors professors just just record record their their lectures lectures and and then then they they just just kind kind of of let let us us watch watch it it whenever whenever I I want want so so it's it's really really nice nice where I can get up at you know ten thirty and just in my pajamas watching the but usually pretty cool now C. L. university also canceled in person classes same was Seattle Pacific university PL use starts their distance learning tomorrow same for shoreline community college Lake Washington institute of technology in Kirkland they're moving it all online as well and for nor sure our public schools the entire district begins online learning today several other schools are closed with remote learning plans are for cleaning because a parent student or staff member tested positive the complete list is on our website at komo news dot com I'm calling Johnson cruise ship passengers are waiting to see if the upcoming sailing season will change because of coronavirus the port of Seattle says it's working with the federal government and cruise lines to come up with protocols dealing with passenger safety and health cruise season officially starts April first it's nearly a one billion dollar industry for Seattle the Seattle center exhibition hall has been set aside or has set aside to part of it as a temporary shelter is a corona virus sweeps through the city a special area has been designated for selected homeless clients who are already housed at two of the city's biggest shelters there are no known cases of the virus and any of shelter in Seattle city leaders are also taking steps to ensure sanitation and hygiene standards are up to date at all shelters some churches decided not to hold services in person yesterday to contain the spread of the virus couple's big Poppa reports from Seattle's Bethany community church the church decided earlier this week to tell its members to stay home to try and prevent the spread of coronavirus and while they normally stream their services for other churches the decision to have services online wasn't easy to stand up here and and kind of host it was different J. Kurtz is the lead pastor for Arbor church in Woodville he says before this week his church had never done any live streaming but when they heard the advice to limit large gatherings they decided this week to set up cameras and tell members to stay home for church it's literally been Friday Saturday and then here we are doing this he says despite the empty chairs hundreds of people were still able to hear the church's message of felt like we had community it's just on a normal community that's come mostly problem reporting the city of Kent is not backing down from its fight with king county over plans to use the former A. Connell lodges a corona virus quarantine site there were even a couple of protesters out there yesterday worries me that this is a facility that is not that's not locked down you're free to leave whenever they want and there's so many businesses here leave on Friday a king county judge denied the city of cats request for a temporary restraining order that ruling will allow as many as fifteen people to move into the eighty five bed motel soon you could be able to test her for covert nineteen from the comfort of your own home The Seattle Times reports the bill and Melinda gates foundation is funding a project offer in home knows swab kits for people showing symptoms the samples with then be sent to the lab at the university of Washington for testing right now it's not clear when that project could launch popular Starbucks in downtown Seattle has been closed temporarily because of concerns over the virus it's historic first in university it's now been deep cleaned and an employee who tested positive for the virus itself isolated at home Starbucks has also stopped accepting personal cops to help the virus from spreading the coffee chain says it'll still honor the ten cent discount to customers bring in their own cop they just won't refill those cups right now police time five tenths now it's time to get to the Harley exterior sports desk good morning Tom hustler good morning to you the husky men's basketball teams swept the Arizona schools over the weekend there had directly for Las Vegas for the pac twelve men's tournament begins Wednesday Washington will open as a number twelve seed facing the team they just beat Saturday Arizona that came at two thirty Wednesday after Saturday's win coach Mike Hopkins said this would be a perfect time to run the table and when the turning me what more do you want to be able to try to rattle off four games in a row I mean what else what other great opportunity can you have you know and so these guys are believe it will be a great opportunity and kind of fired up there after that game on Saturday our coverage Wednesday will start at two more Franco Tompkins and women's coach should be one of the coaches are tonight at six Cougars play Colorado in the first round the turn of the game Wednesday night at eight thirty in the pac twelve women's sort of a title game yesterday Oregon with Stanford eighty nine fifty six merece continue to struggle in cactus league play they fell to the giants yesterday eight four in Scottsdale in a night game against the brewers this evening at Mary's merry Vail Arizona and congratulations to the Garfield boys and girls basketball teams both won three eight state title Saturday at the Tacoma dome sports to forty Patsy tower Tom are on the whole the Huskies commodities commodities time five twelve the traffic update in just a couple of minutes Sierra is canceling a concert in front of her home town crowd in Texas later this month the wife of Russell Wilson is pregnant she says she doesn't want to travel to a big event while the corona virus is still spreading she says our doctors have advised her to avoid large gatherings a quarter of Italy's population roughly sixteen million people are now under quarantine because of coronavirus authorities say anyone living in the northern on body region needs special permission to travel south of the death toll surged to three hundred and sixty six hundred and thirty three people dying in just twenty four hours according to prime minister Justin because the more than six thousand cases represent a national emergency with the entire lawn body region on lockdown it's capital Milan as well as Venice economic and tourist Mecca is closed for business both cities in the red zone the usually bustling tourist hubs now deserted old museums closed gondolas lying unused on those famous Venice canals travel bloggers recall food and Andreas on sunny who live in the region a concern for the long term impact the economy is here is how lowly and then on travel this could be devastating restaurants and bars in the region are required to close at six o'clock and tables have to be at least a meter apart it's just a lot less social I'd say and it's slow quite so since the first time pope Francis live streaming his Sunday prayer hoping to keep away large crowds now the authorities say people could face jail time if they don't adhere to these measures but it's unclear how they're going to enforce them thousands of people over the weekend fled from the north making their way to the south of the country but a governor in the south of Italy has said stay away we don't want you here ABC's James Longman as Florida's busy spring break season is under way the man tasked with heading up the federal government's efforts against corona virus vice president Mike pence addressed something has been on the minds of thousands of families preparing to travel to theme parks are they safe over the weekend he stressed it is safe for healthy Americans to travel and to quote him one of our favorite places to go when my children were young and even even before before my my children children came came was was in in Orlando Orlando still still her her faith faith in in the the pence pence has has been been watching watching the the spread spread of of coronavirus coronavirus for for weeks weeks theme theme parks parks in in Asia Asia have have closed closed he estimates the temporary closure of Disney parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong could cost the company something like one hundred seventy five million dollars just getting word that one person has died in an apartment fire in Tacoma it started about two thirty this morning near north twenty sixth street in north narrows no word yet on what started that fire it's five forty traffic update again with Karageorge who still don't have any blocking problems on the highways but you can expect to see brake lights northbound I. five to Tacoma city center and north bound one six seven continues to build in some especially around state route four ten south on I five it's looking just a little bit slow slow right right right around around around marine marine marine view view view drive drive drive but but but it's it's it's not not not going going going to to to be be be lasting lasting lasting for for for too too too long long long the the the rest rest rest of of of the the the drives drives drives are are are moving moving moving at at at the the the speed speed speed limit limit limit and and and if if if the the the mountains mountains mountains are are are in in in your your your travel travel travel plans plans plans well well well it's it's it's a a a good good good time time for for it it because because there's there's no no restrictions restrictions at at either either snow snow Kwame Kwame or or Stevens Stevens pass pass our our next next call call much much traffic traffic at at five five twenty twenty four four come come eco eco roof roof forecast forecast it's it's going going to to be be a a nice nice day day mostly mostly sunny sunny high high about about fifty chilly to start though clear and cold overnight with lows in the mid thirties tomorrow looks dry partly sunny and fifty then we'll see a slight chance of rain rolled back in on Wednesday to the mountain passes they're in good shape but you don't want to get out of your car without a jacket on up there's twenty one degrees at the summit of Snoqualmie pass nineteen degrees at the summit of Stevens pass right now in downtown Seattle clear skies at thirty four degrees stay connected stay informed the northwest only twenty four hour news station komo news at five fifteen the cobalt morning news Franklin sees at the editor's desk on this Monday morning that the correct personal time and the fact of the number of coronavirus cases in this country continues to rise the total is now over five hundred sixty cases according to Johns Hopkins University there were twenty two deaths linked to the rapidly spreading virus Dr Anthony Fauci who heads the national institutes of health infectious disease unit says after initial missteps contributed to to contributing diagnostic tests there should be four hundred thousand more testing kits available starting today today the the state state department department is is now now urging urging Americans Americans not not to to get get on on cruise cruise ships ships over over the the weekend weekend the the CDC CDC had had been been tracking tracking cruise cruise ships ships including including the the regal regal princess princess scheduled scheduled to to dock dock at port Everglades on Sunday it was feared a handful crew might have been exposed on a previous trip aboard the grand princess but the cruise line says none of the crew on those ships have had symptoms and now all but a single ship has been cleared by the CDC this coming is thirty five hundred grand princess passengers and crew will be quarantined for fourteen days in various facilities the ship's eleven hundred crew members will remain on board nineteen of them testing positive for the virus meanwhile only two of the twenty four hundred passengers have tested positive the most sick will be sent to hospitals while others taking to military bases in California and Georgia president trump has said that he would prefer if none of the passengers aboard these cruises landed on U. S. soil he mentioned any of that to you I had a private conversation with them and he said everything that I could have hoped for and every single thing he said they follow through on on Sunday hundreds of prescriptions delivered by boat maybe go to the ships more than one thousand passengers over the age of seventy the most vulnerable cohort and then for the first time in forty a healthy passengers finally allowed out of the rooms the waiting and the parts part by part and put into V. S. of possibly having to do another two weeks in isolation following that's still patience wearing thin on board I kind of feel like we're floating around the drain just waiting here to get the virus we haven't been tested we want to be tested properly and we want to make sure they were safe yeah the American passengers will do their quarantine bases here in California and as far away as Georgia now remember there are people from fifty four countries aboard the ship they're gonna have to be taken home on chartered flights out for so many this two week quarantine is an unexpected addition to this voyage many people on the ship telling me they just want to go back home to their families their dogs and a normal routine that's ABC's Matt Gutman two Republican members of Congress are voluntarily self quarantining after coming into contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus both senator Ted Cruz of Texas and congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona say the interaction interaction occurred at the recent conservative political action conference closer to home more and more businesses are feeling the pinch of corona virus and the steel head diner in pike place market announced it's shutting its doors at least for now the restaurant says it hopes to reopen at a later date but they haven't said when Seattle's blue acres seafood posted a sign on its door into an on Facebook saying it is now closed because the social and economic impacts of all of this and are hoping to re opens at some future date several businesses of shoulders are seeing less traffic as events are canceled and more people decide to stay closer to home in Oregon the governor has now declared a state of emergency over corona virus and the number of cases there is up to at least fourteen that emergency order now allows health and emergency management agencies to take immediate action and devote state resources to containing the outbreak U. S. Surgeon General Dr Jerome Adams appearing on CBS's face the nation over the weekend says quote we're now seeing community spread and we're try to help people understand how to mitigate the impact of disease spread the number of coronavirus cases in this country is now around five hundred fifty thanks for following this morning Cleveland police are piecing together details from a shoot out that killed one man and since seventeen people to the hospital detectives say the shots were exchanged late Saturday night during a fight between rival motorcycle clubs attending the same party some of the victims are also considered suspects in that incident disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein has suffered an injury behind bars TMZ reports that Weinstein was in a cell with two other prisoners when the convicted rapist fell and hit his head yesterday there's no word about his condition and there's no word on the circumstances that led up to that fall Twitter this labeling a video of Joe Biden that was posted by president trump manipulated media the video shows Biden stumbling on a campaign speech in Missouri and saying quote we can only re elected Donald Trump Biden's actual quote was we can only re elected Donald Trump if we get engaged in the circular firing squad so it's got to be a positive campaign by the way voters head to the polls for another round of primaries tomorrow including here in Washington the races basically down to Biden versus Sanders and over the weekend the Reverend Jesse Jackson came out to endorse Bernie Sanders companies time five twenty two R. propellant shirts funny updates oil prices are plummeting global markets are steeply sliding and Wall Street futures are way down this is looking like a rough week on financial markets and oil markets says Tom Kloza head of the oil price information service the drop in oil prices thirty extraordinary hand tighten your seat belts this week you make to your four oh one K. dropped by eight or ten percent but today well I can buy gas for a dollar eighty nine the letter would be a good economic stimulus except consumer and business demand could be as bad as good plate the financial the Bakul in two thousand and eight because of coronavirus chucks Iverson ABC news one of the reasons why oil prices are crashing is that Saudi Arabia started a price war with Russia yesterday US oil prices are down twenty seven percent to a four year low of thirty dollars a barrel is turning out to is shaping up to be the worst day for oil prices since nineteen ninety one it's not going to be a pretty day for Wall Street either Dow futures down twelve hundred fifty five right now almost five percent S. and P. down a hundred forty five that's also almost five percent nasdaq futures down four hundred ten it's five twenty two and we'll check traffic and weather next year on the calm all morning news the latest on the corona virus governor Jay Inslee says he'll continue to press the federal government for more help to fight coronavirus stay connected stay informed what if you can't afford to stay home the president talking about his administration's reaction we are here for you twenty four seven komo news at Fisher investments we do things differently and other money managers don't understand why because our way works great for us but it may not work for your clients that's why Fisher investments as a fiduciary obligated to put clients first is the highest standard for a financial adviser so what do you provide cookie cutter portfolios like the rest of us no cookie cutter portfolios here Fisher investments Taylor's portfolios to meet each client's goals and needs but you do sell investments that earn high commissions right and make commissions when you make trades for your clients no Fisher investments doesn't sell any commission investment products and we never earn commissions on trades so what's in it for you Fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better when it comes to helping clients achieve a comfortable retirement we're clearly different visit Fisher investments dot com to find out why investors like you switched us Fisher investments clearly different money management investments in securities involves risk of loss got a Hey Bob our preseason air conditioning cell is just getting started as warm weather months stretch longer and longer each summer this cell keeps getting bigger and bigger thousands of Puget Sound residents requested quotes for AC last year you're right Lola there's no doubt the summers are lasting longer in fact eight out of the last ten years so warm weather stick around for six or more months it's true Bob with that intense warm weather sticking around Bucks is proud to offer AC solutions to Puget Sound residents in need absolutely R. 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B. C. news at five thirty the market's opening an hour from now after overnight futures were halted because the numbers were slipping too fast ABC's Rebecca Jarvis is on Wall Street with the latest stock stay where they are right now it will be the worst day of trading so far this year the Dow is now down thirteen hundred points overnight futures falling five percent so here's what's happening over the weekend back called a meeting to discuss falling oil prices in the wake of corona virus which is sent prices lower those talks fizzled and the Saudi Arabians rather than being supportive of oil prices sent them plunging last time oil prices were this low it led to several bankruptcies of smaller energy companies number of confirmed covert nineteen cases in the U. S. now tops five hundred there are twenty one infected passengers on a cruise ship off the coast of San Francisco everyone will be taken off in quarantine starting today at Westminster Abbey Harry and Meghan taking part in Commonwealth day their final appearances working Royals Jerry Preston ABC news one thousand seven ninety seven seventy five thirty one right now Monday morning frosty in many places foggy in some other spots of temperatures like twenty six in Olympia right now along with Greg Herschel time Manda factor here the top stories from the couple twenty four seven news center for the first time our state's health department website is listing more than two counties with positive covert nineteen test results almost Brian Calvert is here with this morning's update for the longest time just king and Snohomish relisted this morning there's Pierce Clark grant Jefferson and Kidd assess county as well kickass county as well for a state wide total of one hundred thirty six positive cases and while the official death count remains at eighteen we've learned of at least one more that's not official because it hasn't yet been reported to the state thirteen of the eighteen coronavirus debts are officially connected to life care center in Kirkland we have found this to be troubling and involve tile unpredictable Tim Killian a spokesperson for the nursing home says there are fifty five patients still there he confirms they do have enough test kits that testing is still ongoing we have eleven more those tasks to complete I do want to stress that we still have received no results back for those tests Brian Calvert komo news and I'm Corwin hate live evergreen health Medical Center in Kirkland has become the focal point of our areas medical response to the outbreak as of Sunday the hospital says it has treated forty five cases of covert nineteen as confirmed by Washington state testing fifteen of those patients have died the deaths include patients who were residents of life care nursing home life care center nursing home located just two miles away from evergreen hospital U. S. congresswoman Susan W. any toured evergreen over over the weekend and came away impressed understanding what took place here at evergreen health in terms of adapting the facility to deal with this type of outbreak hopefully can inform others across the country how they might respond hospital officials say one of its practices has been to keep confirmed coronavirus patients isolated in what's called the cold hearted area in which air pressure is changed to negative insuring that cantante contamination from that area does not flow into surrounding areas Corwin hate komo news under Jay Inslee envisions a time when voluntary steps against the virus infection become mandatory he tells komo news right now Washingtonians are doing a good job of protecting themselves and others but we are considering there might be stronger measures that are necessary to make this more uniform across across the community over there says those measures may include enforced social distancing such as cancellation of public events coming up on the come on morning news many families families expected expected to to opt opt out out others others are are please please with with comprehensive comprehensive sexual sexual health health education education which which has has been been adopted adopted in in Washington Washington now now just just waiting waiting for for the the governor's governor's signature signature on on Carly Carly Johnson five thirty four time for another couple traffic update here's Keira George well see at least a mile back up now northbound I. five approaching J. BLM's main gate that's where we have a stall was blocking the left lane now we have two left lanes that are blocked this backup is growing quickly northbound I. five also slow between highway sixteen and River Road and you'll find often on slowing it you're traveling out of federal way federal way to Seattle is running about thirty two minutes north and one six seven is going to be busy through much of Sumner into Pacific after that Auburn to Renton that's taking about eighteen minutes a north bound for five is beginning to tap the brakes around sunset our next call much traffic at five forty four the traffic this time is brought to you by Panera bread try Pinera bread to do unlimited coffee subscription you could have coffee after coffee and pay just eight ninety nine a month your Cup is always full restrictions apply participating cafes over time for the call multicultural forecast with meteorologist Kristen Clarke patchy morning fog will burn off to reveal a mostly sunny afternoon looking drive for the drive time home home here here today today clear clear skies skies tonight tonight another another chilly chilly Tuesday Tuesday morning morning lows lows will will once once again again be be close close to to freezing freezing photo photo by by a a subtle subtle increase increase in in the the clouds clouds Tuesday Tuesday afternoon afternoon maybe maybe Bellingham Bellingham sees a passing shower parts of the Olympic peninsula otherwise remaining dry through Tuesday in Seattle that into Wednesday morning to see any bit of rain and it will be rather light here on the emerald city by mid week Thursday all locations stay dry but Friday here comes a good steady lowland rain chance and mountain snow developing from a rather wet late week storm that brings about a cool down into the weekend and possibly some lowland snow showers Saturday morning certainly something to keep an eye on heading into the weekend and a couple other center I'm meteorologist Kristen Clarke clear skies over much of the state this morning and bitterly cold in some spots Yakima's at twenty three degrees right now and there is fog here in parts of western Washington averaged thirty one in the fog it's a foggy twenty five in Arlington and is twenty six degrees in Olympia come on it's time five thirty six more than fifty thousand students in our area will be who learning from home on can today is the university of Washington and other campuses are closed amid fears of a spreading coronavirus we get the update from Kamel's cara constant concerns over corona virus isn't stopping Jack Q. Serret for preparing for next week's example right here on campus kind of catching up on lectures as I prepare for my final she says many professors already posts lectures online so students are you still learning on the computer some students might have trouble with the technology stuff but I think the majority of us it's it's going okay I think we can we can handle pretty well eight businesses along the aber hoping for a better week despite classes going to the cloud businesses here say the last few days have been robbed so we took a hit this last week we definitely took a huge hit but it big time brewery business has been down forty percent owner Rick McLaughlin planes concerns over Kobe nineteen homeowners time five thirty seven a bill requiring comprehensive sexual health education starting in kindergarten is ready for governor Jay Inslee's signature supporters say it's about protecting children opponents say it's giving too much information too soon when we get the update live from couples Carly Johnson will the Senate passes bill back in January the house then followed last week after a marathon six hour debate that didn't end until about two o'clock in the morning on March fifth democratic representative Sharon she make all concerned about some of the students a lot of them are ready for something like this action was Republican bill Jenkin he and other Republicans offered dozens and dozens of amendments souls all but one being rejected W. new sex ed curriculum will require medically accurate information from kindergarten to third grade they'll focus on social emotional learning teaching kids it's okay to say no when someone makes you feel uncomfortable parents certainly can opt their kids out of this curriculum Carly Johnson come motives a fire broke out in an apartment unity in the Tacoma early this morning and one person was found dead in the building this was near north twenty six and narrows the result is a twelve people now have no place to stay no word on how the fire started fire damaged an auto zone store at ninety fifth and Bridgeport way this morning sprinklers inside the building help keep the damage down the word yet how that fire started it's five thirty nine and we're just a minute away from a como sports update from the time you were a child you were taught to always brush your teeth white well because good oral habits make for a great smile and it's imperative to your overall health if you need guidance with dental implants or any dental procedure consider all your options just be sure to consider Dr Choi advanced implant dental advanced implant dental is where education and experience meets state of the art dental technologies giving you back the functionality of natural teeth at a price you can afford from implants orthodontics veneers root canals to full mouth restoration Dr Choi will show you your best treatment option advanced implant dental accepts most insurance providers and will work with you and your budget so you can get the treatment you need now and receive thirty percent off any dental implant treatment while supplies last advanced implant dental your choice for complete dental implant in dental care for dent way Tukwila two oh six two four one fifty eight twenty advanced implant dental dot com coldest time five forty now to the Harley exterior sports update here's Tom hustler well to manage up to four and eleven in cactus league play after eight four loss against the giants yesterday there were bright spots including the three any performance by lefthander Justus Sheffield gave up just a run on three hits struck out five skippers got service legs Sheffield spring performance so far the Sheffield again another step in the right direction from the ball really really well very consistent the company is growing I mean Paul white box lighter number strikeouts there gave up just one run and really happy where he's at it the mariners play under the lights against the brewers dot in Maryvale Arizona the US husky men's basketball team beat Arizona Saturday completing a sweep of the desert schools building momentum heading into the pac twelve tournament Wednesday Washington winning three of the last four there are twelve seeded take on those same Wildcats at two thirty Wednesday because face Colorado in another first round tournament game one tonight at eight thirty to forget the coach's show Mike Hopkins and women's coach Jody Wynn tonight at six elsewhere basketball today Gonzaga's women played Portland for the west coast conference tournament title at noon in Las Vegas is that men face San Francisco in a semifinal match up tonight and the U. S. women's soccer team edging Spain at one million today in New Jersey as part of the she believes Cup tournament sports ten forty Patsy tower Tom are the home of the Huskies come loose it's five forty one that means we'll check traffic and weather next year on the calm all morning news have you still not refinance your mortgage will soon you might be kicking yourself in the head rates are at historic lows at the same time home values gone up roughly fifty percent in the last several years maybe it's time to put that equity to work by paying off high rate credit cards personal loans or remodel your house hi Wesley Hogan with Westland financial let us put in the position to do any of these things with no lender fees that's right you'll never pay lender fees whether to conventional FHA or VA loan we've been doing this for twenty years now maybe you just want to lock in a lower rate a refinance out of paying mortgage insurance all it takes a five minute phone call to see having saved thousands of dollars a year to call west one eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine it's the biggest no brainer in history mankind call us at eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine call us at eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine that's eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine an exponential mortgage corporation DBA was on financial license number CL three three zero four and a three three zero four L. and W. closing letter are you over fifty and wearing contacts bifocals or just reading glasses regardless of your age we now have a vision solution for everyone Hey it's Dr king from king lice thank and I'm thrilled to announce the launch of key to vision with my good friend Dr Andrew capstan doctor cop sting you performed over thirty thousand lens based procedures that's right Joe I've been performing refractive lens exchange for over twenty years and I couldn't be more excited to launch K. two vision with you R. 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BLM's main gate and this is due to assault that was taking up two left lanes it looks like it's now been moved over to the shoulders so it may take a little bit longer to clear out some of these backups northbound I. five also going to be slow there did come a city center you'll also be finding some often on slowing as you're traveling out of federal way to canton wind road northbound one six seven that's going to be heavy much of the drive from highway four tended to Pacific we're also filling in between highway eighteen anti seventy seven north bound for a five was a mixer company around sunset and then again around north east forty fourth and west on state route five to two that's starting to build the Snohomish river our next call much traffic at five fifty four this time is brought to you by Penn never bread truck they were bred to do unlimited coffee subscription you could could have have have coffee coffee coffee coffee after after after after coffee coffee coffee coffee and and and and pay pay pay pay just just just just eight eight eight eight ninety ninety ninety ninety nine nine nine nine a a a a month month month month your your your your Cup Cup Cup Cup is is is is always always always always full full full full restrictions restrictions restrictions restrictions apply apply apply apply participating participating participating participating cafes cafes cafes cafes only only only only motor motor motor motor vehicle vehicle vehicle vehicle roof roof roof roof forecast forecast forecast forecast after after after after we we we we get get get get past past the the frosty frosty foggy foggy conditions conditions in in some some places places this this morning morning working working for for a a very very pleasant pleasant day day mostly mostly sunny sunny skies skies and and a a high high around around fifty fifty degrees degrees to to be be clear clear and and cold cold again again tonight tonight lows about thirty five partly sunny tomorrow high of fifty increasing clouds overnight Tuesday into Wednesday Wednesday looks like a cloudy day with just a slight chance of rain rebound into the sunshine clear skies in downtown Seattle right now it's thirty four stay connected stay informed the northwest only twenty four hour news station komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seventy five forty six right now Monday morning Gregg Hersholt Amanda factor here with a cold morning translations of the other steps the grand princess cruise ship that has twenty one people on board with corona virus is expected to arrive in Oakland today California governor Gavin Newsom says reports being prepared and the area secured with the entire process to remove passengers expected to take two to three days former FDA commissioner says now is a crucial time in the fight against the virus on CBS's face the nation Dr Scott Gottlieb said the next two weeks are key and he adds that the next two months will probably be difficult with the closing closing of of businesses businesses and and schools schools Gottlieb Gottlieb did did offer offer reassurance reassurance saying saying quote quote we'll we'll get get through through this this another another former former democratic democratic presidential presidential candidate candidate is is endorsing endorsing Joe Joe Biden Biden in a video on Twitter California senator Kamilla Harris threw her support behind the former vice president saying quote I believe in joke we need a leader who really does care about the people and who can therefore unify the people and I believe Joe can do that and with us right now was ABC news political analyst Steve Roberts Steve what a difference a week makes it did you anticipate Joe Biden picking up this mode the momentum this quickly no I have not I don't think anybody did I I think what we're what we're seeing though is a fascinating phenomena based on one word and that word is fear it's fear of Donald Trump and fear of Bernie Sanders Joe Biden has not been reborn as some useful charismatics move talking energetic candidates Joe Biden today is still the same Joe Biden that people have a lot of doubts about two weeks ago two months ago two years ago the difference is that Democrats have so desperate so frantic to find somebody who can beat Donald Trump that they decided that day either as a group and individually as voters and as candidates they'll camel Harris being an example of of having to rally around somebody and then choosing between Biden and Sanders the fear of Bernie Sanders is pulling the party too far to the left so there's a lot of energy around the Biden candidacy right now but in my view it's largely negative energy it's driven by fear it's driven by desperation there are not a lot of Democrats even this morning jumping up and down in Saint Joe Biden's gonna be a great candidate a great president but this negative energy is very powerful and that's what's driving this trend do you think it's now his to lose or is it too early to say that definitely has to lose end up and I think it's gonna be very difficult for Bernie Sanders to rebound here the one variable of course the one no wild card is by himself as I say he has not been report he's still the guy who can show astounding lapses of judgment he's still the guy who could make gaffes he's still the guy who can show his age very clearly he's still the guy who can appear fumbling and uncertain and in debates with Bernie Sanders and interviews it's still entirely possible for him to make damaging mistakes I think a lot of Democrats even if they rally around by they're holding their breath and hoping that Biden will get its act together and I've seen some signs a few signs of Byton improving on the stop I think he's shown a little bit more energy I think the campaign line about I'm the candidate of those who have been left behind it counted out is a defective and powerful line really echoes of a bill to written of nineteen ninety two the comeback kid although Biden's hardly a kid he's more the comeback teaser than the comeback kid and also this line of of of appealing to the concepts of dignity and civility and normalcy I think they provide a fairly stark contrast to the president who's in the oval office now but Biden is still Biden it was all of his flaws but at this point he's the Democrats best hope and it's gonna be very difficult for Sanders to capture Steve thanks for your thoughts again this morning ABC news political analyst Steve Roberts it's also worth noting that this morning one of the former candidates US senator Cory Booker came out in support of Joe Biden for president the company's time five fifty one seventy two are propelling turns money update writer says Boeing's proposal to leave wiring bundles in place on the ground at seven thirty seven Max has not won the backing of federal aviation regulators last month Boeing told FAA a it does not believe it needs to separate or move wiring bundles on its ground at seven thirty seven Max jetliner the regulators have warned could short circuit with catastrophic consequences sources say the FAA told Boeing on Friday it did not agree with the playmakers argument the plane's wiring bundles meet safety standards and now it's up to Boeing to decide how to proceed Starbucks is testing a more environmentally friendly coffee Cup the chain today started using a prototype of a more sustainable paper Cup in some of its cafes in Seattle New York San Francisco Vancouver and London that's your money now Jennifer could shake a komo news in for a pretty brutal looking day on Wall Street this morning all of the major indexes are down nearly five percent in overnight trading come on it's time five fifty one will get back to Karen checkered traffic next at maverick gaming we're committed to a safe and fun environment that will help to support the local communities we serve we have deep roots in our state and we currently employ over twenty two hundred Washingtonians 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