James Lipton, ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ Host, Dies at 93


To start with some sad news and that is the James Lipton passed away so so the age of ninety three and he was dealing with cancer but he passed away peacefully this morning at his New York City home you know he of course was the host of inside the actors studio who's a veteran TV writer and had a storied career in and around to television and film in inside the actor's studio he would interview actor is big and small to kind of pick their brains about the craft so it was really perspective that you would get on these stars well I loved it because just as a regular layperson yes was not an actor it still was so fascinating to hear them talk about their craft and how much they how much work they really put into developing character and the list of people that he interviewed on that show I mean every single star I I could I mean Ben Affleck Halle berry Jeff bridges Morgan Freeman Gwyneth Paltrow Brad Pitt I mean it Henry Winkler yes on and had such a wonderful style of interviewing like yeah would get out of the way of the interview and you know that really allows the person you're being that you're interviewing to you know sort of occupy the space which ultimately is why you showed up it's so true and it was in front of a live audience of student actors on the show still on by the way just with other house besides James Lipton he retired in twenty eighteen after twenty two seasons he started the show in nineteen ninety four some of the students would get to ask questions from time to time and I think when I think that was what was so unique about the concept of what continues is that these interviewers are coming at it from a perspective of what can the what kind of gems of knowledge or advice can you give to the students right so then you have just you're coming from such a pure place when that's where that's the place that you're coming from to ask the question also puts the those celebrity in a place where they are thinking about their answers differently yes right so they open up in a way but it but they know it's to serve somebody else for sure he said to TMZ when asked has anybody ever turn and you down to be on inside the actors studio and now well everybody would do I think that is that is the interview you do because that's not gonna end up looking like a a double last not going to end up you know yeah blubbering like you do with yeah raft it's

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