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'In an abundance of caution:' CCSD schools to undergo additional cleaning on Monday


And we have the first case of a person in the military with the coronavirus the marine is part of the marine corps base Quantico community and is being treated at fort Belvoir army base in northern Virginia the marine remains in isolation of the base hospital duty officer captain Allison Burgo says the marine had been on official travel to Ethiopia upon showing symptoms of marine followed official guidance by reporting to the assigned healthcare facility where the marine was screened in immediately isolated upon testing captive Burgo says the base has taken action to protect the community I just want to code yellow which means mission essential personnel only are required to come to work in telework M. and authorised leave are also encouraged she says raising the threat level to code yellow was made out of an abundance of caution military and public health officials haven't seen evidence of Kobe nineteen spreading in Virginia and as stated by CDC the threat to public health and the risk of exposure to the virus is low schools on marine corps base Quantico will be closed through Wednesday for a thorough cleaning as a preventative measure marine corps base Quantico is less than forty miles south of the nation's

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