Fund established to help North Shore food service workers impacted by COVID-19 closures in Massachusetts


A north shore organization has started an emergency fund to raise money for restaurant workers impacted by coronavirus closings dandan auto with the group behind you spoke with WBZ's Carl Stevens behind you is an organization that seeks to help food service employees in times of crisis previously we had helped folks who were out of work for up to four weeks due to an unforeseen illness or injury however in recent days with a corona virus we have pivoted and are trying to raise emergency funds and disperse those funds as quickly as we can to anybody in the food service industry who is out of work and how are you doing that we have used Facebook Instagram we've used email and we've used our network of restaurants to try to get the word out in order to raise funds and we're matching at least the first twenty thousand dollars that we can raise from our own accounts that's pretty substantial commitment can you talk about the need out there right now I mean they need is is great I I don't think that we've ever seen anything like this in in this industry but with the recent order to close restaurants at just about everybody is out of work it may be deceiving to some folks who see that restaurants are open doing delivery and doing take out but they are largely running with skeleton crews mostly made up of in most cases management you've been in this space for several years and you know the individuals who you're talking about those who work in restaurants for not making a lot of money and there's not a lot of financial wiggle room I wonder if you could talk about that average person working in the average restaurant while the sudden doesn't have any jobs sure I mean these these people are living paycheck to paycheck when they are quote unquote fully employed so when they lose that that paycheck that they're getting whether that's salary or are mostly tip based there is no safety net for them they may be able to apply for unemployment in some cases but that's not going to fully replace the income they had and it's not going to show up for a while so these folks need to feed themselves their kids they need to pay rents and I you know I can only imagine that some people are going to have some increased medical costs very soon let me ask you finally if people want to help out what should they do we do have a Facebook fundraiser seek and to check our Facebook page behind you ink or you can go to our website which is behind you in cats I. N. C.

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