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Bitcoin Is Holding


Yet I get. I gentlemen loved the tropical type. Podcast shows that. Here's the reason why basically stuck doing all sorts of things on my Internet didn't work yesterday for little while. How good hauling was that indeed bad. Donmar. I'm back and what happened over the last twenty four hours since we last spoke. Well I can tell you right now. That I market crypto. It was up yesterday. And I'll tell you through Sir Titus three that in just a moment as it stands right now. We continue to see further decline in the indices more or less globally. As a matter of fact at one stage yesterday the Dow Jones was down guiding over ten percent at a shed. Twenty three hundred points now. It is below twenty thousand that round number we did say a bounce back off of the the love they of course we're seeing the talent. Gm Ford Fit cries or think it is shutting up the US factories or something along those lines We send a lot of bad stuff happening and look at. It is just the beginning. I'm not saying that from a point of all doomsday. Oh it's bad bad bad note. Thank you for point of being factual and I'm also seeing it for position. Well look it's going to happen so we got two choices. We got a choice so we can go. Oh deal this is terrible and it is terrible and we can be old Dan about it. All we can be record. Look at it's GonNa Happen. Whatever plans you had Full this year probably best just by scaling back a little bit. Maybe he's going into a mode of Monday. Just pivot monitored make a challenge and businesses pivotal time. Humans dark pivot very often. And what I mean by. That is people. Don't let Chanukah Acetyl autonomy will. What's the old They'll expressive people often spend long interrelationship than they really need to. How long have you heard someone signed a relationship for two years longer because it was just as you not do it? We tend to be a habit and criticize. Walkout bodies bodies will find the least difficult wiser to achieve something. You know. If you've heard your name will you hit will start to hurt your access us to have because you bought it? He's works at A. Why make the you know? The movement continue to occur but it starts to send. You WON'T BE ELSEWHERE. How many times if you're going into the PHYSIO and they've said all you got to go to Seoul all back but in fact it's actually you name your nays. Problem is as rushing surrounding everything. Backup through your back. So this is what we do as human beings we. We tend to void. Pine hot other will actually go towards pleasure. All right now what we got right now is a scenario where none of really is. What's going to happen McKay? We aren't Detroit is no one knows. Nowadays what's going to happen? What we do know is that we need to keep ourselves relatively isolated and away from people. Of course our family. We can stay by them. We go to this look ourselves and the other people around us. We're GONNA come together as a society also opens up opportunities now instead of vague faithfully. Jay's what if I lose my job what does start to look at other alternatives taught to give this. Give yourself a charity right now to make decisions that little made because it was too hard to make those decisions those times. Well guess what. Everything's getting really hot mic. Those decisions you've got. Ta Do it. You've got the chance to do it. We are in this together. We have the chance to change where we are in our laws. If we're not happy with going to have to China where they were happy or not so you can make those choices now. You have permission by the world to make those choices. Think about this. If you're listening to this you have smartphone. You have a computer. You're a roof over your head. Others don't have that we have access most of us to healthcare now not to learned that system. Of course I'm not getting much more difficult but we have that with relative level of health. We got a lot to be thankful for. Life has been so easy for so long. It's getting a little more tricky now. But we've got this thing called the Internet now whether it be online business so trading oh or doing a podcast or whatever it is to get created uses floor. You're thinking about what you want because what you might have given you lost towards for quite a long time so this point your job in your career soften. It might not be the way to get back. That's not chocolate. Fair is giving you hopefully the power to make decisions before so I wish you all the best with that and I hope we can help my really do. We're now. We'll bitcoins above five thousand. Still instead of fooling held adds up doing too much. Just close up one point. Seven percent mccown fifty. Four one cents a pretty flat Sign Process yesterday yesterday in a theory that one hundred nineteen dollars. It actually closed up just on two percent except pay little move backup as well a great deal of volatility which Connor Block at the moment route. Point three six percent yesterday. Nearly fifteen cents. Bitcoin cash one eighty four spot. Five five again at one point four two percent bitcoin. Svu recovered quite nicely is actually up three point. Five nine hundred. Twenty three and seventy two cents coins at thirty five dollars wrote as I speak to you and it was at one point five percent yes the tools on the Nice Guy. Not one point. Six Percent Barnett's one point seven percent. Ten dollars and fifty cents moving Costa Cod Donna and Donna. Close at one point. Five percent sitting at two point six cents if they're in classic four dollars and sixty cents. It closed down yesterday a little bit. Though point. One four tron. It closed up two percent at one cent and It's not been too bad this volatility. That's going on right now. I don't quite understand what caused that big full of the need to understand what caused a big full which was fraud. Last week What can size whilst massive declines are occurring across other financial classes? We seem to be holding again. Now I'M NOT GONNA get ahead of myself this. Tom Limited this town last week. As that's I could be the perfect stove a bitcoin but let's be happy with the fact that I that caused the holding for the time being a costly did see a massive decline on Friday but we're buffet thousand dollars. Things could be worse. Things could be better. Let's them better for ourselves. Go through the fantastic day. Aren't you and your loved. Ones a well and condemn take it. Easy Spacey said by now..

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Bitcoin Is Holding

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