15 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself Today Better Than Yesterday, Tomorrow Better Than Today.


We're going to be tackling different wise to become a better person so in time right now where it's perfect to be. Y- doing some reflection himself work with a lot more time on her hands at the moment I believe that journey becoming better. Every day often talk about today better than yesterday tomorrow better than today and listeners rechanneled say well you keep talking about smarter better than tonight he. Can you give us a few tips on how you do that yourself and go? So What Pink Gum Tommy with? What's happening moment with most of the world in Lockdown Oscillation? It's a great way to sit down. And say hey. Can I become a better person hacking on? Be Better tomorrow than what I am today. I WANNA share a bit of a framework for people to be able to make the most of the time right now to become the best versions of themselves and to become the best that they can be and remember that we talk about this in terms of personal professional and family that lives broken into the three areas of personal professional and family And as a person constantly on this journey of growing and I keep talking about. Journalists destination is a bit of a journey and today. I WanNa talk of what life is a journey full. Stop and I want to talk about fifteen ways to become a better person through the journey. So He's a ten point. I'll try not to talk too quickly. Which someone listening to say I do. And that's that's that might be strategy. Because I want you to listen to a few times that you know. Try and keep it at a good tempa. Pathetic number one compliment itself. It all goes with the positivity of your mind it's it's all about complementing yourself meter. We were very harsh. Inner Selves said of people that? I can actually on on myself at times and have high expectations of myself But we need to make sure that we're complementing ourselves if we WANNA grow every day and become a bit of vision we need to complement. Esso's doesn't mean that we're GONNA be fake until ourselves laws. We're going to be honest and authentic with ourselves but definitely make sure that we're taking the time to complimenting assets. Number two is making excuses. I talk about this little time. Speak Hannibal we're GONNA make mistakes. I've met plenty of them but I said of people united so make a mistake. I put my hand up in our own it. I don't make excuses. It's it's all about making sure that we're a cannibal note blaming other people united somebody else's fault. It's it's take. Take our ship and this will help you grow as a person number three is something that's is. I've been in a bit of a journey over. The years is letting go of Anga. There's going to be things that happen in our lives. That really upset. Us and anger is no more in logs. It's normal emotion however I am not a setup being on best and being able to grow as a human. When I'm able to let go of Inca and what I do there is see the problem. Take the problem on. I write it down. I love using pen and paper. You said that I write down what the problem is brought them. What is making me angry? So why what's leading to the emotion of anger and then I start dealing with. It helps me let go and if I can let go INGA QUICKLY. And then it helps me grow It doesn't hold me back at number four goes with obesity. Number three is practice forgiveness. It doesn't mean that we forget things but I do believe this comes with having a strong faith in in in practicing forgiveness. A lot easier said than done. Meditation has helped me a lot with. This enables me pause and reflect and really think about you. Know The positivity in practicing forgiveness because it helps me get rid of that anger or it helps me get rid of the negative emotions into being the best that I can be number. Five is all about being honest and direct. I mean I don't know any other way I set of people. You might not look what. I've decided that you can trust them. Telling you what I think you need to hear and I want people to tell me what I need to hear. Not what I want to hear. It won't people to be honest and direct with me just as I want to be honest and direct with them. Number six is all about being helpful. this is something from a book called the God giver from an Early Age. I read the book Cuba. And it's all about helping as many people as possible. It's all about. What can I do for you? Being in service being hospitality industry has helped me. A LOT IN. That area is being helpful. What can I do for you and I find that? I grow as a person when I'm constantly putting myself in a position to be helpful for this Or Two honors. The other one is listening. Thomas you know in a world where we do a lot of talking fund that it's important that we will send listen making sure that we listen to people and giving everyone a voice and making people feel valued and heard It's important to allow others to feel valued and hood and if they're not being within valued and I think that being a good listener changes your loss in a positive manner. Over the years I've worked on becoming a much better listener to others And this is something that I've had to work on very hard because you're in a position of leadership you constantly during a lot of talking but actually when I beat focused more on listening to others that it actually made me that a person that made me later and it also helped me grow as a person. Listening to others is important. Number eight locally. It might not seem like a big deal but if everyone does a little bit species current terms we're talking about everyone does something act larkhall in urine becca on whether it's donating clothes cooking for somebody helping somebody get their shopping out. Whatever it is is just do something for the community to show them that you K- And that starts locally it has to be tackling. The big things acting luckily doing something doing a good date of some sort whether it's buying somebody coughing. The line behind you whether it's dating close to the local charity or going shopping is a sit before these are things that can help you and we'll help you grow as a person a number on his be polite said to people that. I can tell what somebody's like when I take him to. Lunch or dinner and have that trickle white staff always be. Polat is is you know. Being thankful grateful holding elevator doors letting people through just a kindness to sit a lot about a person when they're being Polat Rudeness is not is not something that's going to get people very much in the sent me doesn't allow people to grow so being polite will help you grow as a person ten is all about being yourself making sure that you're always yourself your authentic self This is something that's really really important and yourself will be based on your values and your beliefs This is what shapes your identity. So you really need to know what your values and beliefs because this is what shakes your identity and is important in being the best version of yourself. Eleven is always about being open to change so the pointer at number eleven is to me is about be open to change. The world is constantly changing things in our personal professional and family life change constantly. We need to be open to challenge for not open to change. Then we can't grow and that's why we talk about journeys versus destinations. Everything's about journey. Every day is going to be different. Some highs some lows. I'm better some worse but constantly a journey and life is mission in moments so being a change will ensure that you can adapt and grow as a person. Nixon is be respectful on this something that was instilled in me from a young age by my parents. Oversee son of migrants Very respectful say. Hello Greek People. Say Thank you You know respect the people around you respect during varmint respect others respect ideas lost dolls feelings Everybody has their own perspective. Everybody has their own lens of the world. Something we talk about a lot is seeing things from different people's Lens helps you to become respectable. You don't have to agree with people to be respectful. You know people sometimes think that I have to agree with somebody in that respect now. Not True respectful means understanding. Somebody else's position not ridiculing him for being understanding towards whatever they lenses of their perspectives. At that moment you know. Be Respectful of that. Be Respectable peoples times the thoughts their ideas. You know it constantly. Taking up people's time in the time that men have to give you is not being respect from so respectful is also being conscious making sure that we're conscious of what's going on within ourselves and then others in our environment next one is something again that came out of the Italian upbringing which is done show up. If the handed on every time we come visit somebody we would always bring the wine or flowers. Chocolates biscuits will bring something of A. It's a real big European tradition of You turn up to somebody asks empty-handed you don't get party be handed It's just a show of appreciation. It also makes the respect and and and making sure that you're you're showing people and it's also a language of love. It's one of the languages of love giving and that's something that helps people grow as people is that you feel this native giving actually connects you to a motion into what's going on. Ranji So just try to. Don't Nick semi going some. Don't show up empty handed and you watch. That makes you feel and actually help you grow as a person. Fourteen is always about educating cellphone. Voice talk if you want to be better tomorrow than today today better than yesterday. We need to constantly educate ourselves. We need to be in constant learning mode And this is something that people died in so said what we talk about Mindset Pestis fixed mindset is the people advocating themselves a constantly in growth mindset. They're constantly working on being better tomorrow today. And is surprised. People Len had to put a smile. On someone's surprised just do something different for you know. Make them stand out feel bedtime

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