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Well I think the president's


Training gauge panic and fear and the president is counteracting that by bringing a science and logic and and action to the American people daily in the briefing on the other hand if he does you know with the national emergency and tells people they can go back to work he'll be blamed for anything I I have in my hand a story here from the the New York City comptroller from the Washington examiner Scott Springer a Democrat obviously his mother eighty six years old died on Friday and he is he is now saying that Donald Trump has blood on his hands not the mayor of New York City who told people to go down to why China town for new year's and told them to go to movie theaters as late as last last month not the not the governor of New York while closed at twenty percent of the hospital beds shut him down in New York state during his term as governor but the president of the United States it's in he has blood on his hands we want that's what we're going to hear a bill to election day are we running we are we're gonna hear this over and over again everyone buckle your seatbelt because that's that's the playbook they're gonna blame everything that happened every death every tragedy on the president and I think the American people are smart enough to know that that is something that the whole world dealing with the president acted as quickly as he could and he brought every mine together trying to solve this crisis but it's a crisis and for Democrats to try and lay blame on the president and the CD's these hyperbolic attacks that blood on his hands and all the things

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Well I think the president's

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