Empty Cinemas and the Streaming Giants



Prices aside. Going to the movie theater was an escape all entertainment all no matter what entertainment you like whether it's opera whether it's rap concert whether it's a wrestling match whether it's a boxing match whether it's a fight over the last Good Glass of drinking water in Flint Michigan. It doesn't matter what it is. Yeah all entertainment is an escape from your life. It is entertainment it's supposed to entertain you no matter what it is and what the movie theaters. It was a place to go other than your home. You could go and sit in fairly decent seats for the most part over the years they've upgraded. They've done the stadium seated things and everything else. And it's cool when it's whatever some theaters still having upgraded sadly but you could go for two hours or sometimes less than sometimes more and watch a movie and be fine and happy for me help. I approached going to the theater unless I was with my mom or somebody or other people I would go at the most opportune time for me. Which was mostly like one o'clock in the afternoon eastern time on a Monday morning when everybody's just getting back from lunch and going back to work so basically the feeder would be empty because nobody should be there at one o'clock in the afternoon on Monday morning take any number of transformers live action films. I think I saw a little ones. I did see in theaters. I saw two of them the Monday after they released. And there is nobody in the theater because I am not a person that likes crowds at all. You know you mentioned last week about the introvert. Extrovert thing I'm both I but generally I prefer to be away from people. I've been social distancing. Since I was ten years old but the movie theater it was cool. It was great. You could get something to eat if you wanted to or drinkers snack or whatever. Generally I never got drinks because I didn't want to be that more on that. Got Up in the middle of the Movie Day because he had to go to the bathroom kind of I hate. I hate that so it was great. It was cool. It was something on a large screen and it was fun. Going to theaters and lately hasn't been so much fun because it costs so much. Yeah and the thing is to like being wor am in my point in life. I just don't have time to go and it's not really on my radar like so generally do wait for streaming and do. I love the experience of going to the theater. Yes because honestly there's nothing quite like it because you get the giant screen you get the surround sound you get the the full immersion into it whereas when you're at home you know you have distractions you use your phone you You may be doing something else while you're watching it like. I have two monitors like generally I'll play a game on one a watch net flicks on the other end. So it's kind of a toss up of what I'm paying attention to But that being said Other than when I lived in the Flint area in having annoying person that had like the loudest freaking bags of food in the world Crackling around me. Or that couldn't stop talking on their phone or stop talking in general So you could get immersed in it I genuinely didn't joy going especially for something that I liked like. You know the Star Trek Cord you know I saw star wars in there for a while and then I didn't see the last one but in the theater but But Yeah I mean there. There was a lot of reasons to go the only problem that I see now that they've had to utterly close aside from the fact they're going to have to do a deep clean when they opened back up because of cobwebs is that. S- we've had hit that point where instead of billion dollar box offices we have zero dollar box office and you went from having like back in the day they were lake. You know okay. We would have like a couple of huge movies every month. And you know you'd have like kind of a rotating panel of some movies every week. You know enough for like every day of the week pretty much instead of having like anywhere from fifteen to twenty movies. Come out every week. Which is what we were getting. Honestly it'll majority of them with the platform that we're on now with having streaming in movie theaters about half of those should go streaming because there's a lot of them that are not strong enough contenders for the theater. And they're somewhere. You should be fully immersed in being the theater for them and I it's it's GonNa be really telling when this is over when this whole pandemic over because the large that this huge monumental amount of movie theaters that are shut down across the globe. Some of the services like NBC. The they're they're peacock service. They have Nbc Universal granted NBC and universal are both owned by comcast who's also a cable company in ISP and Just content providers well They broke the theatrical window which they've been trying to do for years Even as comcast before they went and they've been trying to break this for years in like paper view movies where you get them immediately. Well now they can actually do that because they have their own service and they can use their xfinity x. one is they will make movies. Available on demand immediately says Granted you know dreamworks? The trolls movie. That came out man. It's it says that you know insiders say the movie isn't a blanket policy for the studios and tear twenty twenty calendar in that decisions regarding other titles and the duration of the policy haven't been made yet But I I have a feeling that we're going to start. Seeing kind of a trickle down effect of certain movies immediately going this route And what they're doing to compensate is this is movies will be made available on a wide variety of on-demand services for a forty eight hour rental period at a suggested retail price of nine hundred ninety nine in other words the same would be to buy the DVD when it comes in they're saying in the US and the price of quivalent whatever it is in the international markets The they're basically saying that it's They're also trying to provide options for consumers who cannot or should not go to the cinemas Which I kind of like that option to see it from home however think that they're charging that much because it's a new release and YOU'RE GONNA be watching it from your home flakes convenience of it in there. Estimating that would be buying the estimated that you would be buying enough tickets for everyone in your family but yeah I don't I don't know like it's it doesn't seem that bad all right so anyways. I was stating that the nineteen thousand nine suggested retail price for for forty eight hour rental window for the movies while I liked the concept and the idea because I have a feeling this is going to stick around win the theaters. Come back Whether they all come back or not is a different story. But I have a feeling that this is going to stick because they've been trying to get this market for quite some time and to have this readily available now right. I think that it's GONNA stick. And for for instance for me like I don't go to the theater because I don't have time to go now. Granted when I go it's usually solo anyway and so that would be like seven or eight dollars. You know. Drop RIGHT THERE. So nine hundred ninety nine is not bad. If you're having the whole family watch it like I kind of get it there. But I can't see a lot of people lake generation or younger paying twenty bucks a month to go see every new movie that comes out to be honest like especially when there's other means that China provides you know alter Geeky caster network do not adhere to stolen China viruses. No or you know. They're pirates. Yeah but like I I. Honestly don't care I'll wait until hit streaming and then watch it legitimately but but yeah. So like they're they're talking like all these different companies or having To kind of shift their paradigm of how. They're going to do things or you know like. Mgm was the first to make a major shift when pushing the James Bond Movie. No time to die from late. April to November in hopes that it will still come out in the theater so and then you know like there's some other movies that have shifted from this year to this time next year trying to avoid it so it's it's GonNa be kind of a interesting time with the theaters kind of trying to predict what directions they're going but I do know that if people do not return to them after they opened back up that it's going to collapse this entire system of Louis

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