Chicago Weather: Wind Advisory In Effect, Weekend Warmup Ahead


What's a check on the weekend whether it's colder today and if you're going out tonight is going to be cold but then it gets gets a lot better a lot warmer Steve yeah and then we will end of the weekend bill looks like it's going to be the best that we have to deal with a little bit of that cold weather today and the wind to which is a big deal there is a wind advisory in effect until nine AM on radio this morning we see just a little bit of leftover snow light snow over northwest Indiana around portage and around operate so that's moving quickly out of the area it's going to be today near thirty eight degrees but feel like more in the twenties because of the winds decreasing clouds as the day goes a long wind gusts of up to forty miles per hour this morning tonight clear skies a low down to twenty five Saturday breezy with a high near fifty two but Saudi and increasing clouds on Sunday a high near sixty two right now in Chicago thirty three degrees the wind chill is

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