Enlightened Baking, Artificial Food Dyes, Avoiding Therapy


There we go. I'VE GOT MY HIBISCUS. Tea My hibiscus. Hawthorne T. There you go now my my now. You're ready to go is about a young toast so good to have everybody in Studio Navene does with. Us and We've got one bad and and it's so great it's good and Ronaldo's on the control so everything's under control. Did you meet Rinaldo? Yeah okay. So he's he's our new board up. I think we've gone through like the list three at least three. Not because of us. Just there's a Lotta shifting going on it Iheartmedia but bill so he adapted to Rinaldo so there you go so we got us Rinaldo and I absolutely love it. He just let him impress you with the songs that he picks. Okay all right. Well we've got a great show lined up today. We've got a law. We're GONNA be talking about artificial colors flavors and their links to allergies. Add and perhaps even Parkinson's there is so much information out there. You guys so much and I love delivering it because I feel it's so important and we've got John Bennett. An studio with us he's going to be talking about. Why people avoid therapy I have my own ideas. Why do I'm pretty sure I'm correct? We'll see if you agree with me and we've got selene I- cler. She is the Karma Baker going to be talking about enlightened baking with Karma Baker. If you've never heard of enlightened bacon baked in lighting. Excuse me let me start. We're enlightened baking okay. There you go there you go so much. I WanNa tell you so. I got the latest copy of Nature's magazine and there's of course stuff in here about the corona virus the latest. Okay so this is the coronas and some of this. I'm telling you I don't care just because it's a publication and it's the International Journal of Science. I question everything. Spend some issues and stuff and yeah oh absolutely and especially when it comes to vaccines I'll just put that out there I I I don't I believe very little I'll just tell you that so and I've read a lot of books on it so it's not like I'm speaking from Uneducated standpoint resources you read a lot L. I read a lot but this is about the corona virus. It says name prompts. The disease caused by the new. Corona virus has now an official name. It's a C. O. V. I D. Dash Nineteen in case. You were wondering and the disease and the virus has been Had been going by a number of Monikers including Twenty Nineteen Dash and C. O. V. since they emerged in China in December the World Health Organization which announced the new name on the eleventh February said that it chose one that did not refer to a geographical location. An animal or a group of people to avoid stigma on the same day a group with the International Committee of tax and tax tech synonymous. I guess tax on taxonomy of viruses which is responsible for naming the pathogens designated the virus itself S. A. R. S. SARS SARS Dash C O v Dash to and it goes on to say the group said that this term highlights the new virus similar similarly yeah similarity the similarity bear with me. You guys to SARS C. O. V. The Corona virus identified in two thousand three that causes Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome but the virus named Caused consternation particularly among the Chinese virologist who worry that it will confuse the public and impede efforts to control the pathogen spread although the two viruses belong to the same species the corona virus spreads faster than SARS c. o. v. but is less deadly and. I thought that was important. To get that out to the public's right so it's less deadly and says says Shibo Zhong Of RILO virologist at Fudan University in Shanghai. The new corona virus has infected more than seventy three thousand people which sounds about right. But it says that it's it's not as deadly as the SARS virus so you just got to keep your immune system strong right you and then there was. There was something else in here to that. Really hit a nerve with me because you know how I talk about food. Waste all the time and this is some food for thought. Okay is says the nations that waste the most. The world's says the world waste twice Twice as much food as previously estimated and rich countries are disproportionately responsible markets allow harvested vegetables to rot families throughout leftovers. These and other forms of loss of waste claim one third of the world's food supply according to an estimate by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization. That's the F. A. O. And that's not the. Isn't that the name of that place that you go f. o? Okay so Monica Vendor boss Verma at a way Gin Nijmegen University and Research in the League in the Netherlands and her colleagues wanted to explore. How consumers influence affects food way so the researchers drew on two thousand three data collected by the World Health Organization and the FAO and others to estimate calories purchase calories consumed and calories wasted by people around the Globe and Belgium had the most food waste and the Philippines had the least And so we really need. It says we did not include large food wasting countries such as the United States. They didn't they just know how wasteful we are. It's it you know what it's kind of like kids that don't have to pay the electricity bill. Okay or don't have to pay the Food Bill. You don't have to buy the groceries and they just go and they just think money grows on trees and they just you know waste and get whatever they want. Scrubbing my son. Yeah no my daughter likes I. I took my dad the other night. Like excuse me. Did you have permission to turn the air conditioning down? Do you know how much that just cost a cool down that whole part of the house you know. I'm like you don't get a right to do that without permission. Putting all type locks on thermostats now right password protected because people are serious about making sure that their energies not going to waste. Well listen to this. This is interesting. It says globally people waste five hundred twenty seven calories per person per day more than twice as much food as scientists had thought. Wow Okay Yeah especially. Oh Gosh arrestable. It is terrible away so much food every day. Yep Yep the unfortunate thing is though that with all the food that we waste you know you would think there are so many people out there who live in these neighborhoods. Who are food deserts? Are these kids? Who Don't get the proper nutrients in that? They need for their day to day consumption. They're they're not eating right in all these places who are wasting these food. They can go to homeless people. They can go to impoverished communities. They can go to these places because book since we live in such a fearful society. Everybody's scared awesome. We're not willing to do the right thing. Yep and say hey I'm going. I'm not going to eat this or we're going to throw this away. Would you mind having my dad used to you? Know he never stopped working he used to work at. Heb In his eighties he would you know help. Just do stuff But he used to get so upset they would set out just crates of good food to be tossed into the garbage and a lot of times he would bring it home Because it my father is just how I was raised. You just didn't waste food. You had respect for the earth respect for the the energy and the money and the hard work that it took to put food on the table and so and I love that I was raised. That way do And I think more people out there should think about that about wasting food because it does take its toll on on our environment and our pocketbooks there because you're buying more meat by more chicken and if we're able to eat it all we with my which we need to buy as much and then they would not feel like I'm saying right like I'm telling you doin. You bring up such an excellent point. It's bad enough that we waste food but then we waste food for animals that have been tortured their whole life. You guys listen to me. They're tortured their whole life. If it's regular factory farm animal meat that goes for chicken eggs beef pork all of it. So you can say oh. I don't feel like eating the rest of that sausage. Today I'm watching my weight and you toss it into the garbage after that animal has suffered for you for you dodge for you got me. That's right you got me started streaming to stop. I'm going to go to a spiritual side. Real quick spirituel daily real quick. Allow yourself to have inner peace. It allowing yourself to have an earpiece is nothing more than being able to stay centered and grounded amidst of chaos and stress and everything that life throws at you so allow yourself to have inner

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