Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey could be ousted by activist investors

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Media reports say Elliott Management is taken roughly one billion dollars stake in twitter and nominated for directors to the board Elliott which is known for its activist. Campaigns has been in talks twitter's management about its desire for the company to find a full-time CEO twitter's Jack Dorsey also CEO of Square of course and he said last year he plans to move to Africa for three to six months this year. There's a Lotta talk over the weekend about whether this was a political move because just connections with the president but this seems like a pretty easy woman. Ceo has two jobs and he says he's moving to Africa these because it was a pretty easy target by saying you're going to go to Africa for three to six months. Easy time for one of these guys to step in and say Let's pay square. A square is a big company. I started it was kind of this thing I have on the side maybe promising. And so it's it seems like it's at least one job.

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