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We recently put the call out and you responded in a huge way. And this week. We're going to go straight to the top with a question and answer session with my father Dr Welby Hustles Tin Junior now. A little update on on them like most of us. My father and my mother are currently practicing social distancing from their home in Cleveland Ohio. So we recorded this over zoom and. I'm sure that many of you are becoming very well. Acquainted with Zoom and the technological challenges that are inherent in in the platform but whatever lack of quality. There is in the recording. I want you to know that it will be made up in spades with the information and the answers that my father provides to your questions ranging from cholesterol how to order food at restaurants the effects of caffeine on the body the importance of six servings of green leafy is a day and of course nitric oxide and a whole lot more than this always educational conversation with my father. Dr S Allston. So strange times are honest right now. I loved it. Well let me just start by saying for this. Episode of the plans drawn podcast. I thought it'd be really nice to have you Have you onboard a specialty considering everything that's going on right now and Along with talking a little bit about Cova Nineteen. I'd like for you to answer some questions that some of our podcast listeners sent in So just to start Kobe. Nineteen you know Corona Virus What what are your thoughts surrounding this very kind of unsettling virus that right now a sweeping the world. This is Kobe. Nineteen has really got civilisation by the throat. it's it's really kind of rather vicious Virus which is highly contagious. And it makes people ill and and some more seniors can be seriously ill. It really has got everybody's attention and it seems that when you have these sort of pandemic situations is the best that everybody can do is to try to Use this social distance. That is really avoid. The crowds and interact interactions. Because that's that's how obviously how it's how it is spread so we'll just have to foul the really directions the instructions of our our experts and really take it on a week by week basis. What water but certainly the things like handwashing the avoiding the The crowds Avoiding shaking hands and these are all very important So what what are what in particular are you in and doing hydrate staying hydrated and staying isolated Yeah and Do you have any thoughts about eating eating a whole foods plant based Diet and how that can help with the US? You WanNa keep your immune system optimal and that certainly gonNA help to help. Fend off any of these infectious agents but There again we go to the emphasis on the green leafy vegetables. A nice round of spectrum of whole grains legumes all the red yellow and green leafy vegetables. Answer away be white potatoes sweet potatoes and some fruit. And if you've got the foundation for the parole is wonderful recipes. That are in your book in our book and Jada Mummies Book and John McDougal's books Neal Barnard's books so that's a lot of a lot of information out there. Yeah well so have. You heard this whole term about flattening the curve. Yes right and and can you. Can you explain in? You know from what you've read and understand what flattening the curve means exactly why this will will help us out well. Each each culture has a certain limitation on the facilities that they have to contend with the with the virus. And if you can kind of keep from having that tremendous surge in cases which occurs. Where were you have a huge amount of illness all at once? That's the surgeon. That's what overwhelms the ability to people to care for these patients. And that's what one has to really try to avoid. And that's the whole emphasis in this social distancing because when you isolate you tend to avoid these surges and you do not overwhelm. The healthcare facilities of the particular culture had a much better time A better opportunity to deal with this With this virus runs its course

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