There Is Nothing I Dislike

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Before jumping into the podcast topic for today. I want to discuss and share some thoughts around the Zenko on that I shared in the last podcast episode. And this is the Cohen goes like this lean. He said there is nothing I dislike now. I'm I mentioned in the previous podcast episode. This is one of those lifetime co onset. You could really work with us for for the rest of your life constantly analyzing and asking yourself. How is that possible to to reach a state where there's nothing that I dislike and like I said I I like this co on a lot and I like to revisited? Think about it often. I WANNA share some of my thoughts around it. I I want to share some of the thoughts that were shared in our discussion group so on the Patriot community for the podcast we have discussions around the podcast episodes around the Zen coonskin and many other things but these are some of the thoughts that came out of the discussion around this specific Cohen. So Christina said open quote there are parts of me ego states that disliked things and suffer from these emotions but I the IM parentheses can choose to access other parts ego states. That will help me find inner peace about these things through. Mindfulness and meditation through choosing I can think enact more skillfully despite disliking the person or situation and then she goes on to say it's also fun to think. There's nothing I like. You can play with this and ask yourself. Are there also times when I don't even like the things that people I almost always like? Who am I in those moments close quote and I really like what Christina shares here I like that. She's showing the other side of the same coin. If I'm going to say there's nothing I dislike. The similar analysis would work say there is nothing I like and I think that's accurate when we when we'd really start to break this down and that's another fun way to work with it when you find yourself a person or a situation that you really do like to ask yourself well Do I really like what part of me likes this person in the same way that we do with things that we dislike now. Bob Shares a slightly different thought. Here he says so. This Cohen amuses me since my current focus seems to be observing. How often I arises within me. This Cohen reminds me that disliking is not possible when there is no I close quote and I think that's one of the powerful parts of this Cohen for me is the recognition of who is the I in the statement. There's nothing I dislike and when I understand or have more. Skillful contact context around this. I that supposedly goes around liking and disliking things than yes. I suddenly discovered there is no I to be disliking anything and in that sense. There's nothing I dislike is accurate because there is no I I I like that interpretation. Morella shares this. She says open quote the Cohen. Made me think about equanimity and non attachment. There's nothing I dislike. When I observe without getting attached it is an invitation to look inward and investigate. Why am disliking something or someone? I usually find that the reason I dislike something or someone is because of cravings versions or fear and I love the idea of using the CO as a reminder to look deeply into the causes of my dislikes and work with my cravings versions close quote and yes I really like what Morella is bringing up here which is what I try to mentioned with all of this right. This is always an invitation to look inward and to find the reason why we dislike something or someone rather than focusing on on the dislike or even the like as if it was this thing that is not that has nothing to do me and I think that's where we get stuck. Sometimes we treat things like if there's something that I don't like it has everything to do with the thing I don't like and doesn't have much to do with me when in reality if there's something I dislike it's me that's doing the disliking so it's it's about looking in and finding that what. What part of me doesn't what I'm experiencing this person that I'm with and for me. My thoughts regarding this Cohen. I really like investigating the I in terms of impermanent send interdependence again this notion of when I can see through the illusion of there being a permanent or independent me that exists going around this world and liking things are disliking things when I start to see myself in the context of impermanent bean impermanent and being interdependent in other words the impermanent me is the me that one day. I like this another day. I don't the interdependent me. Is that under this set of circumstances. I like this under this other set of circumstances. I don't like it and when I recognize that that gives me a a big sense of freedom because I can recognize I may dislike this thing now but in another place or in another time I might like it and also from another vantage point. You may like this and I may not like this and if I were you I would liken and dislike all the same things that you like and dislike. I think. Sometimes that's hard for us to really understand because we really do have this tendency of thinking that the way we go about experiencing life is the most accurate way to a certain degree it is. It's not that it's the most accurate it's that it's the only one that makes sense because we've only ever experienced life from one vantage point the one that we're in right now in this present moment and it's really hard to put myself in someone else's shoes maybe to some degree. If I could say well I've been there before so I can see why you view this this way or that way. Or why you like this or dislike that because they've been where you are that's a little bit easier. But that's still an incomplete picture because I've never been where you are right now where you are right right now as there were. I am right now is here and those are not the same place. They can never be the same place. I can only ever be where I am here. And now therefore my perspective and my interpretation of reality is unique. It's mine it's it's the only one that I'm capable of of experiencing and to me that's really helpful to know because I can take your interpretation of reality and when you give me a description of your likes and dislikes. I can at least understand that. Wow for you that must make perfect sense because my picture of reality makes perfect sense to me and there. I think there's wisdom to be had in simply recognizing and acknowledging that well if I were you and I was in your place in time with every single set of circumstances in causes conditions. That have allowed you to be who you are right here right now. I would probably be doing and saying and thinking the exact things that you say in thinking do

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