John Alite, the Mob's Enforcer



The year was nineteen ninety. Carol alight was terrified the security alarms at their South Jersey home bled while the family rottweilers barked for Roche. Ously worse yet. She swore she could see armed men hiding in the woods from the window. She called her husband. John in a panic. Twenty eight year old. John Alight the right hand man of John Gotti. Junior was away from the house when he received the call without so much as a second thought. He ditched his friends and hopped into his corvette. As a lights raced home. He wanted which of his many enemies could be off to him that night. The most likely seemed Tommy. Karate patera earlier that year karate had killed one of a lights friends over a twenty thousand dollar dispute. Rumor around town was that a light was next on his list when I got home. He snuck in from the back and grabbed a revolver and an Uzi submachine gun. He slipped into the dark woods and lurked toward the men waiting to ambush him instead. A light took them by surprise unloading the Uzi like an eighties. Action Star and after a brief firefight. The attackers fled. It was too dark to see that night but the next morning a light. Check the woods to see if anyone had been killed though. He didn't find any bodies he did. See plenty of blood. He knew a message had been sent a few days later a lights boss. John Gotti called a light to a sit down with Tommy Karate. Godley declared that their feud was over. No more fighting when the meeting finished on the two men had its world cars. A light turned and said to Tomi. Nothing settled I'm still GONNA kill Ya.

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