Anneke Lucas, Recovering From Unimaginable Evil


Thank you so much for joining me. Welcome to skeptic. Oh let's talk about yoga. Yes thank you for having me on. I guess anyone's journey inward journey into the nature of reality would lead to the question of evil and ice evil very much in the way that it is described in the Yoga scriptures. That is to say I see evil as ignorance ignorance of the south. You know I totally get that. And I've had those kind of conversations before because a mentioned just a few minutes few seconds. We chatted before the interview that I haven't really talked about yoga on this show. And that's true for the most part. I'm an APP. Four hundred shows. Most of them are on science in parapsychology and near death experience and extended consciousness and things like that that people can kind of approach the question of consciousness from more of a like. I said Connor more of a Guy Khanna scientists point but the things I deal with this people who wanna deny there is this extended consciousness out there like yogis accept that as a given. I mean it's part and parcel of what the Yoga tradition is. And if you read like autobiography of a Yogi I mean th anyone who's ever read that book within the first thirty pages there's shape shifting animals teleportation telepathy all this stuff is just kinda given so. I think there's a confusion when we talk about evil in its reduced down to a confusion or You know in the Buddhist sense just kind of A misunderstanding I mean. That's kind of like step. Three step one is it does exist in. I guess I I WANNA Kinda circle back to that. I mean evil right. Well there's a lot of that's to say that in our realm we all have it. We all are ignorant herself where we wouldn't even have to be here so it. It's all a matter of degree. Straighten everything is relative in our in our realm in this realm of duality. Everything's relative. Would I tried to kind of bring this back? It exists and you cannot use yoga or spirituality to bypass the reality of what happened here on Earth End. I experienced what I think of as some of the darkest experiences having to do with those who have the most power in the world who are literally ruling the world. And what is actually going on in those Strata Society? Because you're talking about that. You're almost jumping ahead to a fantastic part of the story you want to. Do you want me to tell your your audience. What happened to me? Not Not right yet because I think I feel so. It feels so Yucky that you have to go and you know bear witness to it in that way so. Let me continue with us. We're just having a chat here when when you frame it in that way. I feel like you're jumping to the healing part of the story which is a magnificent part of your story is your healing journey and and the deeper understanding that you've come to Regarding the transformation that you went through into the horrors that you endured and how you overcame those in were victorious over those but I guess the answers that this yielded this thirty year journey inward the answers. This yielded as to how to move forward and to change the power paradigm to move out of this very darkly separate right now.

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