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When president trump commuted his fourteen year prison sentence it was a tremendously powerful ridiculous sentence in my opinion the president noted he had seen blue gray of each is wife argue for his release on fox news he was found guilty of trying to sell an appointment to Barack Obama Senate seat after he became president and the president pardoned junk bond king Michael Milken as well as former New York City police commissioner Bernard Kerik and former San Francisco forty Niners owner Eddie DeBartolo junior former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's latest poll numbers of qualified him for tomorrow night's debate in Las Vegas even though he's not on the ballot for Saturday's Nevada caucus the fundament reports the candidates are here campaigning and tomorrow on stage will be a debate newcomer Michael Bloomberg earned a spot this morning when he placed second in a new poll because he is a new face Bloomberg is sure to receive lots of attention and likely criticism from his rivals but for Bloomberg it's also a chance to make his case and try to show why he can defeat president trump a group of American evacuees to the US that had been in quarantine for fourteen days of military bases in California was released today deemed disease free CBS's Carter Evans no.