Singing Bowls and the Chakra Connection


So today's question comes from L. G. and LG asks Ibaka bought crystal singing bowls. They're beautiful but I'm wondering how to use them specifically with regard to the chuck. Ross can you over stimulate. Someone's Chaka's with these symbols algae. This is a great question and it's kind of a two part question right so I For those of you. Who Don't know these crystals singing bowls are usually made of reconstituted courts are courts singing bowls. they've been kind of ground up and then formed into the bowl shape from my understanding of this process so how to use them specifically with regard to the chalk rose would be selecting the note that corresponds to the particular chocolate center. So there are some metal balls that Tibetan singing bowls that are tuned to specific notes. But usually those are just kind of whatever sound they come out. As with these courts bowls you can get them specifically by note for a certain chocolates center. So the order of the notes follows the order of the talk Ra Center so starting at the Root Chakra. We have see. The SACRED CHAKRA IS D. The solar plexus is e the heart is f the throat is g the third I is a and the Crown Chalker is be so you can work with a bowl that has a tone at a specific note to stimulate that corresponding chalker center. I have two of these bowls. I have the D note for the sacred chocolate or room center and the F. No for the heart center. So can you over stimulate someone's Talk Ras? Es Is it very likely it depends on the person so some of us are really really sensitive to energy and something like crystals or essential oils or being in a crowded room can over stimulate our truck or centers by bombarding them with energy. But most of the time when these bulls are used with intention just like anything else. It's more about bringing that chocolate center back into alignment now. Can this at times a little bit uncomfortable? Definitely we get so used to these entrenched patterns of imbalance that any kind of change feels uncomfortable sometimes but this is usually part of the growth process however if you have someone who is highly highly sensitive to energy you may want to start with just really really short uses maybe sixty to ninety seconds with these bowls and then honesty there pretty strong so it doesn't take long to bring these centers back into balance with this powerful sound

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