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It's a Major Award: Literary Medals and Prizes


For today's episode. Yes I decided. I know that we're like we're kind of an award season. Yeah absolutely will talk about the Grammy's and the Oscars and all that stuff but I'm not talking about that and more highbrow highbrow. Today's episode is. It's a major award literary medals in prizes so ooh I don't think I know a lot about those great great. That's what I'm here for. Thank you so I feel like sometimes there's different there's different prices that are for specific genres of literature will cover those on their certain prestigious swans. There's ones that are for like a specific work published during a year or sometimes prizes honor a specific person and take into account their whole body of work. So it's not just like a book award. Sometimes it's just like an author award or -actly exactly in the field of literature so cool the first one. I'm sure everybody's heard of this won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Sure to this. Is that Swedish literature? Prize awarded Bennett ordered annually since nineteen o one It can be to an author from any country who has in the words of Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel produced quote in the field of literature the most outstanding work in ideal direction so while individual works are sometimes cited as being particularly noteworthy. The award is actually based on an author's body of work as a whole so literature is one of the five Nobel prizes established by the will of Alfred Nobel in Eighteen ninety-five Lauren. I know you hate it when I do this year. Can you name me? Can you name me the other Nobel? Prizes okay Health and services. That's a cab. No there's is there medicine yes okay. There's Oh God chemistry biology astronomy. Shoot up down just naming science physics yes okay. And then one more big one engineering. No and the big won the Nobel Prize. Yes these species so the fit. Sorry I know. The five Nobel. Prizes are literature chemistry piece physics and physiology or medicine. Okay I'm economics is sometimes considered under the name of the Nobel prize but it was actually added by Sweden's central bank in nineteen sixty eight and is actually named Nobel's memory. It wasn't one of the original prices. Okay so it's kind of a with an asterisk. Yes okay okay. So for literature specifically Each year the Swedish Academy sends out requests for nominations of candidates and members of the academy who are members of Literature Academies insiders professors of literature and language often sometimes for former Nobel winners and president of freighters organizations. They're all allowed to nominate candidate. And you cannot nominate yourself By April that year the academy narrows the Field Down to about twenty candidates and then a month later. There's a shortlist of five names so for the next four months everybody everybody like on the panel is supposed to read and review all the works of all the candidates like like you got four months. You have to read every book this guy ever Bro. If I know anything about academics. It's that they're not going to do that. Really really tearing back the veil here exactly so by October that you remember how to vote and the candidate who receives more than half of the votes is named the Nobel laureate in literature so no one can actually get the prize without being on the list at least twice what's unclear and so many of the same authors reappear and are reviewed repeatedly over the years. Maybe that's how they get around having to read all that stuff because they're like. I did that three years ago. I'm not doing. I'm not doing that again. So the judges are composed of an eighteen member committee. Who are elected for life. Why up until two thousand eighteen? They were not technically permitted to leave. But I can crawl can carl. The Sixteenth Gustav Amend the rules of the academy and made it possible for members to resign if necessary but at a certain point. It was like you're on the committee for that's very ominous so a literature. Nobel Prize laureate earns a gold medal. A diploma with a citation and a sum of money. How much money you ask. The amount of money awarded depends on the income of the Nobel Foundation that year but for twenty one thousand nine hundred it was nine million Swedish krona equivalent to nine hundred thirty four thousand two hundred ninety dollars and ninety cents American. That's nothing to sneeze sneeze out my man. No one hundred twelve Nobel prizes in literature. I've been awarded between nineteen o one in two thousand nineteen to one hundred sixteen individuals that has been to a hundred men and fifteen women. Geez it's been actually shared between two individuals on four occasions and seven times. They decided not to award at anybody. So the laureates have been writing in twenty five different languages over time so it's not just like not just English not just Swedish. Whatever the youngest ever to receive the Nobel Prize in literature was registered kipling. Who was forty one years old when he was awarded it in nineteen? Oh seven and the oldest. Was Doris lessing? When she was eighty eight. Wow got it in two thousand seven. Two Writers have actually declined the prize. Boris Pasternak in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and John Pulsar nineteen sixty four assaults right but the most recent winner. And that's in this whole episode. I'm going to go over the most recent because if we talked about everybody that's ever wanted a frigging a word. That'd be boring. It would be boring and fun but that would be so. I'm going to tell you about the most recent winner. Sometimes it's a twenty twenty word sometimes. It's twenty nineteen. Sometimes it might be a little earlier than that so so anyway. The most recent winner Nobel Prize for Literature Twenty Nineteen Peter Hannukah. Who is a German novelist? Playwright and poet For an influential work with linguistic ingenuity that has explored. The periphery in the specificity of human experience is how is they declared it? So Peterman Kiss for twenty one thousand nine. Was your most recent winner of the Nobel Prize in literature. Another big one is the Booker Prize for fiction. Yes okay so this. One is a literary prize awarded each year for the best original novel written in the English Language and published in the United Kingdom so the price was originally established as the Booker McConnell prize. After the company Booker McConnell Ltd began sponsoring the event in nineteen sixty nine and it became commonly known as the Booker Prize or simply the booker in two thousand and two. The title sponsor became the Investment Company. Man Group which opted to retain booker as part of the title calling it the man. Booker Prize from two thousand to twenty nineteen. So you've heard that I'm sure yes But the prize money awarded with the Booker Prize was originally about twenty one thousand pounds and subsequently raised to fifty thousand in two thousand two under the sponsorship of the man group making it one of the world's richest literary prizes in two thousand nineteen a new sponsor crank start announced it would sponsor the award for five years with the option to renew for another five so at that point they just changed the title to simply the Booker Prize because the crank start prize. No historically the winner of the Booker Prize had been required to be a citizen of the Commonwealth of Nations the Republic of Ireland or Zimbabwe but it was announced in September twenty thirteen that future booker prize awards would consider others from anywhere in the world so long as their work was in English and published in the UK stomachs. The winner is usually announced at a ceremony in London's Guildhall usually in early October nineteen ninety-three to mark the prizes twenty fifth anniversary. A Booker of Booker Prizes. Given so three previous judges the award met and they chose Salman Rushdie's midnight's children the nineteen eighty-one winner as the best novel out of all of the winners and in Twenty Eighteen to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary. The Golden Man Booker was awarded so one book from each decade was selected by a panel of judges and the winner by popular vote. Was the English

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It's a Major Award: Literary Medals and Prizes

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