Ep. 497 - The Bully Pulpit - burst 17


Other news on great justice around the world. Jeff bezos richest man in the world had Amazon and The Washington. Post is giving ten million dollars to fight climate change. He posted on instagram picture of the earth and I was going to donate us. Ten million dollars. That's a lot of money I think. Jeff bezos makes that about every thirty seconds but still. It's a lot of money for most of US mere mortals now of course. Jeff bezos also owns a Gulfstream G. Six Fifty Er private jet. Jeff bezos flies that jet for deadly twelve times per month. His company Amazon's carbon footprint contributed more to greenhouse gas emissions twenty eighteen than many of its competitors in retail. So it doesn't seem like he's exactly practicing what he's talking about other than he gives writes a check but then he keeps up all these practices that allegedly contradict. What he's supposed to be doing Larouche Fukuda said that hypocrisy is the tribute that Vice pays virtue but I. I wonder if right here. It's just a little bit of PR or if it's a little bit of empty religion fits You know the parallels between global warming and religion have been pretty clear. You've got sin in pollution. You've got atonement in recycling you've got in the sale of indulgences in the form of carbon tax credits even NBC news last year created a confessional for for the climate you could go onto its website and anonymously give your climate. Confessions like you were going into the box. And the Catholic Church or all of these. Their secular saints on Religion in the list goes on and on. That's the role that this has taken. And so in the olden days if Jeff Bezos wanted some good pr he would have donated to

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