Sonic the Hedgehog - burst 11


Twenty twenty show. Yeah and you know. Sonic the one heralding me. I guess but you know. I went in expecting to be disappointed and I walked out being disappointed. That works isn't it? I always try to go in with an open mind. Like I'm not going to prejudge any movie. Anything like that so I went in open minded and I went along for the ride and I will say it was breezy. Wasn't a slog to get through in. There were parts that I truly enjoyed and the animation was fine. That characters were mostly fine. It was just all these things that they put on screen and then didn't do anything with they presented ideas that make everybody sitting there going like oh it would have been better fitted this or they had been done this and it just. I said it earlier. It just feels like they had a bunch of ideas for scenes strung together with a few puns here and there and just the disappointment. I feel with it. Is that even with what they shot? It could have put out a better final product and it's fine. I think it's something like you guys said families can enjoy because sonic is this. I mean like it or not. He's a brand. I mean he's been around for going on almost thirty years now and for whatever reason he just won't go away. I played one or two games and the nurse cartoons and more games and all that stuff every kid I know not sonic is and I don't know why they're watching the cartoons at Notre plan to games but he is a brand so fine. Bring this movie out. Make it a family thing. I just wish that they would have set the bar little higher with what they put out there. So I'm going to get this a slight not recommend just because there's so much worse out there but I feel like it could have been better with what they had. So it's it's a slight Red Arrow for me and I don't hate it. Don't love it Stewart. Now I definitely emerged from the theater with a mixture of wow. That was a lot better than I thought it would be. And that was pretty much worthless. I mean like it's somewhere in between there is my feeling about this movie is like I don't know by being better than it. Cleared any bar of being meaningful. Let's compare it to what obvious. Twin brother Nintendo detective Pika Chew movie that also exceeded expectations had a lot of problems but had some beautiful. Visualization had an actor a human actor Leading it that I thought worked played really well off peak chew and more or less wound up being one of the best of the video game series if not one of the best films of the year. Does this compare? I think it loses that fight for sure. I do not think this is as good as detective. Beka chew quantifying whether it was a recommend or not originally thought about like how this is done. I actually had to take the GRE recently. I know you've taken that but like I was thinking about how. Here's how this computer program works at like. It starts out giving you really hard problems. Like find the radius of the circle in the cylinder. And here's half of the volume that you gotta do this and see if it's more greater than three and you're like Uggla Blah and when you get that wrong eventually it's going to ask X. Plus one equals three. What is act passed that part. Like whenever you've asked me those questions I pass and I got a score. That was good at that level. At that level. This movie is a recommend if you can accept it as x plus three yeah. It's good enough for that. It does what it needs to. It's got funny jokes on his charming. He plays well off of the human characters. Jim Carey's doing Jim Carey still pretty well. Success but my bar for crafting narrative is higher. And Yeah. I'm a college that wants more than X. Plus Three students. So I think I'm going to be the cranky one and saying not quite good enough but I'm hopeful that the sequel can fix what's wrong here. I feel like there was a lot of origin difficulty and delivering sonic the movie. But now that he's here they know how to play. What's best about him and can make a sequel. That will be better so my gift to this is that I think the sequels recommend but this is a mild not recommend and I agree I mean. I can't argue that this movie is narrative messy. There's just so much that happens in this movie for reasons including this. Hedgehog that can run at supersonic speeds runs to the Pacific and back. And it's like I can't find San Francisco and it's never stated outright that it was just trying to convince Tom to go on a road trip. It's simply sonic can't read. A map is how I took it in this movie. What's with the OWLS? And the other aliens. Why IS SONIC SUPERPOWER? All of this is messy. But I can't not recommend this film because I smiled for most of it Jim Carey. Sonic himself and even James Marsden all had me enjoying their presence on screen. I can't remember enjoying a Jim Carey movie this much after twenty five. I expected to hate him. I've really come to disliked Jim Carey in later performances. Because I felt like he felt like he was pandering like he wanted to do more things like eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and he was stuck doing Mr poppers penguins. And you'd be sentiment here. I think he'd put aside. Whatever was going on and committed to this and gave the best Jim Carey role. I've seen in this century and James Marston. We all talk about how he was but he does fine here like he always does. Are you GONNA hop now? No okay. And Sonic exceeded expectations. Is this great movie. No is it dumb Fon. Yes emphasis on the fun and really the best thing I could say about any video game movie I can say about this movie based want to go back and play the game some more because the movie itself reminded me what it was. I loved about a sonic game and I plan on breaking out my emulators later on.

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