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Philadelphia: Bucks County Mom, Daughter Charged With Killing 5 Family Members Due In Court


Nearly a year after they were charged with murdering five members of their own family in an apartment in Marshfield a mother and her daughter made her first appearance today in court in Bucks county pleading not guilty to the killings Italy suburban bureau chief Jim mill work reports forty six year old chain of the Korean or twenty year old daughter Dominique to create rechargeable five counts of first degree murder one count of conspiracy to commit murder the deadline to file to seek the death penalty's been extended to March twentieth prosecutor Christopher reeve says while definitely remains on the table it's unclear if they'll pursue it this is the most severe case that I'm aware of in Bucks county with with regard to total loss of life and that's compounded by the fact that three of the individuals who were murdered more children the two were charged with killing Shayna decrease forty two year old sister to Mila Campbell decrees on children twenty five year old Aerosmith thirteen year old Damon degree and Campbell's nine year old twins cause of death was asphyxiation for Robert Campbell who was strangled change the crease quoted in charging documents saying everyone including the children wanted to die recess while even he wonders why this happened what's much more for to me is that I'm able to look in the eyes of the parents of the victims or their loved ones or their friends and say to them justice has been served when it comes to the people who did this to go to trial date set for

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Philadelphia: Bucks County Mom, Daughter Charged With Killing 5 Family Members Due In Court

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