Dellen Millard and the Murder of Laura Babcock

Sword and Scale


Was a kid that was shunned and pooh-poohed over at the country club at a lot of people in that world new Delon as the rich kid who throws parties for burn outs and high schoolers. Rumor has it that Delon takes things to another level when he brings out a black and yellow toolbox filled with party drugs whole basement set up for youngsters for parties. Tried to make it look club in what takes place. They solders xbox Diet. Tv's and stuff like that so joan. There ain't drugs or some folks down there to grow it from. The police ever attended there for these couple years. We had one get out of control. We had to call the police to GET PEOPLE. People usually usually. It's twenty anyways that night. It was more or something was something posted on. Facebook just one. That's the new airplane hangar in Waterloo. Well sometimes a source of tension between father and son slash president and vice president of Malardier was generally a pretty sweet deal for Delon until any contracts were finalized. It was essentially a place for Dell in the store. His hot rods jeeps and jet skis. It also gave access to mechanics and engineers who would gladly tinker away at whatever projects Dylan through their way. All you had to do was keep the place clean and organized. But he couldn't care less about that. More toys were stored at the sprawling. Millar to state. Police I arrived the night of Wayne. Millar it's death. They noticed none of the fifteen vehicles parked on the property were missing. Most of the mansion gave the impression of a messy. Frat House adorned with airplane memorabilia. Save for Wayne's master bedroom sadly smelling of multiple cats and unchanged litter boxes but in the interrogation room when the conversation turns toward Wayne's physical and mental well-being being in the months leading up to his death delon casually hints at what life had been like since he moved back in with his father over a year ago. Yet depression him. He carried some pretty sadness within throughout life. I never really never really wanted to share it with me. The death of Wayne Millar is eventually ruled a suicide albeit a strange one as the coroner suggests he's never seen someone kill themselves with a shot through the eye as the interview with Dell includes. It's clear they've taken. Everything is told them as absolute truth but for grieving son gives the impression of a tired traveller being mildly inconvenienced by the TSA. Of course looking back on it now knowing the full story at all makes sense because Dell and Millar is a master manipulator the new CEO of Millar who will quickly closed the book on his family's legacy and throw it into the fireplace one year later it's February twenty eleven and twenty six year. Old Sean Learner is throwing a surprise party for his then girlfriend. Laura Babcock also in attendance Dylan Millard. An ex boyfriend of Laura's that Sean does not personally know as the party ends several people including Sean and his girlfriend. Laura go back to Delon's apartment. After limited conversation. Sean describes his impression of Delon as sketchy at a certain point. Sean Witnesses Delon giving Laura a pill unprovoked as a birthday present ecstasy he assumes which makes him a bit uncomfortable. Laura Babcock who has felt lost in life since graduating with degrees in English and drama at the University of Toronto has begun seeking treatment for mental health issues that have taken over her life undiagnosed and with increasingly more erotic behavior. Laura is asked to leave her family home after an incident where she threatens her mother with the wooden spoon sometime during the next year. Sean and Laura break up although Sean still loves and cares for he watches from the sidelines as Laura moves in with a new boyfriend eventually ending that relationship and having him arrested for assault as well as the sexual assault of a friend still concerned for his ex-girlfriend's wellbeing and realizing that she's headed towards a downward spiral. John makes arrangements for Lara to stay at a local days. Inn Motel they convene at a nearby food court. Where Sean Learns? She's recently began working at an escort. Service he loans her an Ipad to help her find a safer more permanent living situation. It is the last time they will ever meet in this same period of spring. Twenty Twelve Dylan Mallard is secretly juggling relationships with at least three women including his ex fiancee and the eighteen year old. He was cheating on her with Christina. New Christina Nude Ga is friends with Laura Babcock. Well I guess the more accurate term is frenemies as much as it pains me to use that word. Both of them have slept with Dylan at one time or another and Lars Birthday Christina decides to text her something along the lines of happy birthday. It was a year ago that I I slept with Delon to which Laura replies. That's fine I slept with him a couple of weeks ago to which an upset Cristina remind. You is the one who started. This mean girls exchange in the first place texts back. Did you miss your medication? Today you're a crazy psycho bitch trying to get my boyfriend. You had him and he lost him give it up Christina. New is a delight a role in all this is far from over but it begins in April of twenty twelve following the birthday text. Meltdown now. A flustered Christina texts her permit skuas Boyfriend Delon whose bruised ego once again for every turn of kindness you showed her. She took it and threw it in my face making me discouraged. Fuck she's like a virus like herpes always there but only shows up once in a while with a whole lot of annoying lesions. There's a difference herpes. You can't really get rid of. It just feeds off you until you die. I. I'm going to hurt her then I'll make her leave fancy myself something of an undercover doctor. I think with the right treatment. These herpes can be gotten rid of well. Dr Millard. How do you propose to remove the infectious disease? I think we're being harmed in irritated by toxins released by a parasite removal of the parasite should alleviate the irritation. I will remove her from our lives. Delon reaches out to a friend of a friend and purchase a wooden handled Smith and Wesson Handgun and on July third twenty thirteen. The day of removal has arrived. Want to just do. This is the last footage of Laura Babcock taken by a friend. Who Finds Laura's private joke of meowing and public amusing and wants her to see? Just how silly she looks. She's been telling him about an upcoming trip to Las Vegas. And when he drops her off at a bus station. July second he feels like she is excited for life while. Nobody's there to see it. The signal that Laura Cell Phone Sends Ping's off nearby towers explains what happens next the following evening July third. The map suggests that Laura is very. Near to Dylan's location. The information won't be revealed for many years data records then trace Laura and Delon's phones as they travel to Delon's home. The two phones move together the next day as well until suddenly LAURA'S PHONE STOPS RECEIVING MESSAGES.

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