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Or super committed to your success online. We've worked with them. To a special offer just remarking school listeners. All you have to do is go to dream. Host DOT COM slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we're GonNa talk about how to get a job during a hard time. So Neil do you WANNA give people recap of what at least United States unemployment has reached as of April third twenty twenty years. Sure so there's a bit less than seven million people that have just become unemployed and for the rest of the April by the time you listen to. This'll be towards the end of April. It looks like the unemployment rates are just going to get much much worse than this summer saying that in the United States alone there'll be more than ten percent unemployment rate which is thirty to forty percent. I heard Goldman Sachs a ten percent. I've heard some people say fifteen twenty percent I see the numbers ranging the problem with how they calculate unemployment is. It's not as simple as oh. You don't have a job like if you've been unemployed for over six months. They considered you not unemployed. They considered you. You Stop Looking. Which isn't accurate. Either right so it depends how they wanNA end counting you as unemployed or employed so actionable things in terms of what you can do during hard times right now. So what now better than ever like? I actually spoke to someone. That's that's freelancing right. Now it just depends on what you're doing maybe doing advertising. It's hard to say. Oh I'M GONNA go get clients right now but if you do want to get a job right now. They're a lot of people are still hiring and I will say that there's actually a in Silicon Valley. There's all these starts posting whether they're hiring or laying people off or Amazon hiring a lot. Cbs's Walgreens is is the biggest lead at three hundred fifty thousand but those are some of the people that are hiring Walmart. I believe this hiring like crazy right now. Well but then let's think about these other sites that let's say you have marketing skills or web design skills or whatever. There's a ton of remote job sites that you can go to we work melting DOT com. There'S UPWARD DOT COM. There's freelancer dot com and at the same time. Lake for you right now. Now's opportunity for you to shine. Let's say you're looking for paid opportunities but you have free time. Now's an opportunity to reach out the people that you look up to whether it's through instagram diem or emailing them and saying look. I know what you're going to right now. I'm willing to do some stuff and Neil talk about this. All the time is working for free for a small period of time building up that report quickly and then you know getting into some type of pave engagement. Now's the easiest way because people aren't making that much right now but they could use to help the easiest way to try to find a job right now is looking at skill sets. You have go find any venture funded company that's been funded recently. Because I mean they're flush with cash crunch base has a big list of them and go email the CEO the founder and the investors. What they're doing wrong and how they can fix it and lay it out in step by step instructions at the end just being like look best selecting this if you need help and you're looking for to hire someone. I'm open for a job. This is exactly tied to your point. Neil so sorry. Sorry for interrupting but go to candor dot co slash. Hiring Dash freezes. These are all the silicon valley companies. And there's a lot of green in here. You can sort by hiring hiring freeze and layoffs but yet in go hit up those companies that Eric just mentioned on that you are all candor dot co slash hiring freezes and go hit a ball those companies. Tell them what they can do to improve. And I bet you you'll find people willing to hire you. That's what I used to back in the day even during the last recession. And if you do that you can do quite well. You may not get the prime job that you want but hey something's better than nothing right. We can't be to choose at this point. So this is actually. We're talking about in in the last episode. I'm just amazed by this because they're sharing data and they're showing based on what categories who's actually high more and who's actually counting a bunch right for

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