COVID-19 Miniseries Episode 18: Mayo Clinic Q&A - Pets, Ultraviolet Light, and Herd Immunity - burst 1


Keep their pets? Safe is concerning. Can the PET SKIP THE VIRUS JOSS? Certainly dogs and cats do have their own set of corona viruses that they don't really spread to humans so we are learning as we go along here but traditionally the feeling has been that these novel Corona viruses are really not an issue in terms of passing back and forth between humans and their pets. However having said that there's one dog there is a few tigers and there's a handful of cats that have now been diagnosed that is positive. Rtp see our essays against Kobe. Nineteen so it does occur. It apparently is pretty rare. But none the less out of caution. I think the CDC has made the appropriate recommendation. Which is if you have somebody in your family or in your home. That's infected. Then stay away from your pet simile than this is kinda funny in a way but social distancing with pets when you do take out for walks keep them away from other dogs and cats and I think that's just

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