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Dallas - Wylie HS Principal Visits Every Graduating Senior


Now educators across North Texas and the nation are going above and beyond these days trying to make things special for their students especially graduating seniors but in one or Texas school of principle is really going all out Miley high school principal Verity Montgomery joins us live now to talk about his visits to every single senior Verity thanks for joining us here on the Carol the news line how many seniors will that in total thank you thank you for having me on we had a six hundred and twelve seniors what that is incredible what made you decide to do this mmhm principal this is something you talk about going above and beyond well the the it was just one of those things that happened here was a we're a very traditional aid school and and we get to the point you know you when I first went to court Jane it was bad as it was the one that we didn't get to go with seven days to go back may may the fourth and we were gonna do this may the fourth be with you saying address Star Wars and do all this stuff but then it did happen and we got to look at it made all the things there are senior traditionally get the very latest we're gonna get to do any of the senior walk in with the way our huge thing with our senior walking capping downs and visiting elementary schools and here's one thing after another and it just manages hit me like a load of bricks these kids of seeing others senior classes go before them and not get to do this I said we we were doing some things form scoreboard bad joke Danvers and yard signs in their yard things like they're just trying to make is good form as it could but couldn't think of anything we even have a featured laid out that was really cool we thought it was a class of twenty twenties school division but we didn't see this coming and and values are what else can I do in there and I thought the thing across the man was was I want to call a senior meeting and you know talk to but you can't do that when you're in court things are so inexpensive things go to them so that's what we said we do we just my wife and I just got the car but my secretary mapped out the route for me as best she could seventeen pages worth of a well defined and we we figure out you know and I love that you have such a great sense of humor you you just mentioned that twenty twenty vision you know the upon with the may for the fourth be with you I love it and you are a guy who appreciates a good pun so what was it that you did when you actually visited the students well I have this lame joke that I was going to do it you know you have to have some uses the cell walk up to the door your argument already wearing a pirate masking and I knock on the door and I tell him that does business everything is really not happy while in high school now because you all are there and it's really unhappy but one of these days we're gonna snicker about it and I'll give my one of those little snickers candy bar for the day at the lame joke but I delivered at six hundred times the she missed my family heart yes seriously so when you're knocking at the door and they see the principal is out the door where the kids saying are we going are we in trouble right well I have a pretty unique relationship with them anyway I dress up a lot and things like that so they would expect but I didn't it wasn't a surprise that I made your body knew it I would post what streets I was going to be on that day and then and that alone was motivation to get me doing it for for thirty forty three so there for the day you know you had to finish it so users get after it so I knew I was going but this but some of you know they they look on their face was priceless and and this is very very rewarding for me and I told him it was more for me than them because I I thought I needed to do something for them and I I couldn't think of anything is that you can do FOR six hundred people you know we are so blessed to have principles just you know teachers administrators that care for our students and our communities like you do what a special opportunity to take it upon yourself and your wife what did she think about all this because you kind of tag along to tagalongs she was like the nuts and bolts of this thing when I first told we're going to do it she just did what he normally does that have an idea as you roll their eyes at me and just after thank you yeah I was gonna do it by myself but she would have nothing with it so she navigated she drove and she was always grandmother with a GPS from the from the quickest route and let it gets got yeah it's a lot harder than it looks you drive by you see a street is that well that's all well and good but then it will be a few minutes later you're right back here at this end right where you were just a minute ago you know so that's awesome I'm covering I remember I remember when you went down to help out the other pirates that we're dealing with a hurricane Harvey in this once again just shows what you guys do there thank you so much for your time our our pleasure I thank you for having me on thank you bye bye that's very Montgomery from Wylie high school

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