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Reporter: Pence's office punished me for saying VP ignored mask rule


The Mike pence story happened here I just want to get in the media part of this in the last twenty four hours just reminder Mike pence comes to Mayo Clinic it is the Mayo clinic's policy that everyone wears a mask the vice president does not he has common afterwards that he's tested all the time his comment about looking people may I where I know what he meant to say but it came out rather awkwardly couple days later he's wearing a mask Karen pence his wife says on fox and friends that her husband never found out about the Mayo Clinic policy until afterwards a a clinic they already put out a tweet that they took down that they told the vice president well ahead of time then a reporter Steve Harmon who covers the White House for voice of America put out a tweet that everybody knew about this that everybody in the traveling party was told by the vice president's office the office didn't react well he was notified by the White House correspondents office that pence's office had banned him for further travel on Air Force two some of this issue appears to be whether he may have violated off the record terms of getting ready for the

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