L.A. police blame zero bail for rise in repeat offenders


L. A. courts gave some felons a break in late March when it eliminated cash bail during the corona virus pandemic California then expanded the program statewide last month that was done to minimize the number of people coming and going from jails and possibly spreading the virus but as KCRW's girls that's been reports it looks like some criminals may be exploiting the policy judging by arrest crime is way down in Los Angeles and stay at home orders took effect with one exception repeat offenders the LAPD says it arrested more than two hundred people multiple times within a month of this year about policy taking effect one man was picked up four times for Grand Theft Auto in less than thirty days and another was arrested six times including once for brandishing a weapon that's according to review of arrest records by the LA times police chief Michael Moore is now calling for a re examination of the zero bail policy saying that career criminals are being arrested over and over with no real consequences district attorney Jackie Lacey who endorsed the move to zero pale says it's unfortunate that a few defendants are taking advantage of a public health

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