Democrat Joe Biden says alleged sexual assault 'never happened'


Here quickly some Democrats coming to the defense of the presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden as he faces scrutiny over a sexual assault allegation for the early nineties that's correct Joe Biden pretty adamant this morning in the interview with MSNBC MSNBC thank I bet he the accusation of sexual assault against him is not true that he'd quote never happened and immediately Democrats coming to the aid most notably a Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer speaking out after twenty four hours he's cheap company who could be a potential Biden one inmate ID Alexion in November saying that she believes the former vice president but all of these Democrats put in something of a difficult position and they said many of the past couple of years speaking out against justice Brett Brett Kavanaugh against president trump as well and when they were facing accusations of sexual assault nickel creek touching and now coming to Joe Biden's defense looking like they're playing a little bit of a flip

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