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Warm I'm not driving toward the back home some summer between the two okay gotcha these listings bartender down there and I kind of a statement handy and a question for you guys kind of kind of picky back no you're just saying about the Brazilian president I don't know one of my coworkers it doesn't want to work right now they all do and I've known since I've known some pretty lousy bartenders in my life but yeah you're right they all want to work right now yeah they do it on one of the minorities to save my money might buy properties paid off so I don't mind a little break but the whole thing being mandated to party with me and my question is regarding the stimulus bill which I'm not in favor of that I don't believe in adding to the debt or devaluing our money anymore than they already have but not enough to get it seen me the unemployment provision about but we said they're gonna add six hundred dollars on top of the state unemployment benefits so the majority people making orders that home and they're doing after performance so my question is do you think they put in the bill purposely to keep the unemployment number site going to the electric kind of put that in there that's an interesting fact the official unemployment numbers or or it won't raise them and the reason is because the way they calculate those numbers as they call like fifty thousand people and they ask them first if they have a job which is yes or no and the second is if they're looking for a job okay and if they have a job or they're not looking well actually they they ask them if they're looking for a job okay so if they're not without a job and looking for a job then they are not unemployed according to the numbers and so when people give up looking for work they're called discouraged workers and they're not considered unemployed by the official unemployment number all right all these workers that are on furlough right now are not unemployed either even though they don't have any hours right they have jobs it's just every time they go there nobody a lot of doom yeah that's why I never believed the unemployment numbers that the government tell the cadaver the labor participation courses that really actually didn't do that and then also recently there's been a lot more improvements a lot of the low and people who are struggling to production personnel so combination of labor rate participation figures also have a problem and the problem with labor rate participation figures is that our people who invest are not considered to be participating in the work force but they're some of the most important participants in the work force and people who are retired are counted the same as people who are star well not starving to death because people don't hear about people who are doing badly because they don't have a job so you really have to look at both numbers and you have to look at the news and you have to draw your own conclusions as to what they mean sure so you're quite basic questions to think that they put that in the bill to make us more dependent on government to I know people that are going to go to work forty hours a week to make it more than they would but not all of it's possible this all viruses PSYOP to make us depend on government how many times have you heard the death of capitalism announced over this thing which is exactly what the government wants that's what the only one if I can I can I can agree with you on that and it feels like I don't have any evidence to suggest that it's on purpose but I mean the responses on purpose yeah that's for certain there's certainly take on the advantage of the situation as the only politicians can do right and they're also planning the next week or the week after cropping up another stimulus package they are no it's just the beginning now not all of us are not all of us relate to some people want to work didn't want the government not involved are lined with on time on the call today we try to say this but keep in mind that not every action has an equal and opposite reaction and the bar and the the value of the whole sum of dollars in the world seems to be pretty much a constant and when they print more dollars they are cutting mat I they're making every other dollar in the world worth less in real goods so my advice is every dollar you get from the government or you can borrow from a bank you spend on anything that isn't a dollar and anything that isn't denominated in dollars and you'll be able to sell that stuff again some day for a lot more dollars and you paid for you mean like precious metals cryptocurrency real estate things like that even microwaves mmhm you know engineers architects and essential personnel developing new new microwaves are going to be staying home so your microwaves will probably retain their value lot better than they normally would but yes primarily gold silver precious metals a cryptocurrency yeah no well let's and a gun if you don't have one because it's gonna get ugly out there Hey I learn some trivia today not today men recently do you know why in the bars they call it a shot of whiskey or a shot of alcohol hi yes very less stress because it's the old west you could trade a bullet one both for a shot of alcohol yeah and that was a standard forty five caliber slug that literally everybody used yeah I you know I've been drinking for well you know I'm in a really long time and doesn't measure up today though because bullets are more over there manufactured more so than ever they've been more efficient you know one bullet doesn't cost the the price of a of a shot I don't think I'm what it depends on the a dollar fifty for a really high quality if you get a load so you so you yeah I mean they were what they were trading was that that was the best their wives in their day I see and so we'd want to be looking at pricing it according to the best bullet available that are not so I don't know where you're drinking it but like you you know shots well at least in the west coast for eight nine ten Bucks a going to be that if you've got a you've got a good I don't drink at bars but I don't drink much choice we can't worry about because you know the government the legal drugs the worst one yet but I would venture Terrel gas that you know if they were like a speakeasy situation yeah it is actually and you wanted to you know trade a round of ammunition that you know the bar keep good years and then they they poor one for you I already starting up in New York I've got a story about speakeasy song to really yep now that would be a great business for the church to enter into because it's debatable the legal well if it's part of your worship exactly I could tell you about it but I know we got some of the calls we do here in just a moment but no longer speakeasies popping up but also what they're calling corona potlucks where people are encouraged to bring some food and quote don't wash your hands bring your favorite dish you know there's something to be said for getting it right now and getting it over with if you're willing to bet your life you won't need a hospital could we get it served up by like.

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President discussed on Free Talk Live

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