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Let's say you just bought a house <Speech_Male> the


N. B. C. news radio special report the corona virus New York governor Andrew Cuomo says there have now been a total of sixty six thousand coronavirus cases in his state Cuomo I have that what is happening in New York is not an anomaly anyone who says the situation is in New York City only situation is in a state of denial the federal reserve says the nation's unemployment rate could hit thirty two percent because of the corona virus pandemic economists at the fed St Louis district are projecting the economic slump could cost forty seven million jobs before the worst is over the FBI and the securities exchange commission are reportedly probing stock trades involving several members of Congress prior to markets taking on Wall Street senator Richard Burr has asked the Senate ethics committee to fully review his stock sell off last month U. S. capitol officials are extending restrictions for public access due to the corona virus pandemic Tom Roberts NBC news radio

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Let's say you just bought a house <Speech_Male> the

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Special report the corona virus

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