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37 More Coronavirus Deaths, Thousands More Cases in NJ


Thirty thirty three three hundred hundred New New Jersey Jersey residents residents have have tested tested positive positive for for the the covert covert nineteen nineteen virus virus thirty thirty seven seven more more individuals individuals have have died died the the New New Jersey Jersey New New York York area area remains remains the the epicenter epicenter of of the the outbreak outbreak with with the the most most positive positive tests tests and and most most deaths deaths attributed attributed to to the the outbreak outbreak in in the the nation nation Jersey Jersey leaders leaders continue continue to to implore implore you you to to stay stay home home they say if everybody wasn't already practice sings social distancing to some degree bed capacity in ICU units would have been reached tomorrow and all Jersey hospitals would be filled to capacity by next week but we are still facing an emergency scenario with so many unanswered questions Jersey health commissioner Judy person Shelley says a covert nineteen surge is expected in the next two weeks or so and a lot of state residents will need to be hospitalized do I think we'll have enough ventilators I do I think we'll have an offense of everybody's working feverishly governor Murphy says we still need more personal protective equipment for health care workers but many retired doctors and nurses have agreed to come back to work as of right now we have had three thousand six hundred eleven individuals respond to this

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37 More Coronavirus Deaths, Thousands More Cases in NJ

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