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Bernadette via Shetty that rhymes with Spaghetti with Rinaldo Davis. I never say my last name but I just thought I'd throw it out there. Have you ever heard me say that Rinaldo? Well it really is so. It's got double cheese and Spaghetti. Envious shoddy so. Yeah I used to say that when I was a when I was a kid so Great to have Have everyone listening great to be here and although and I are doing the show against day feels really good though it. Does you know I've not been alone in the studio ever. Yesterday was my first time doing the show by myself with just a board op and I'm actually kind of liking it. Actually you know stretcher myself a little bit and during difficult times you know finding my inner strength and that's always good. It's a good feeling but we have an incredible show coming up today. We've got Joe Lane here in just a minute She is a pro e Pro. Athlete Health Nutrition coach and founder of fuelling champions. Sam Morris is coming. Up is the founder of the unbreakable man project and Dewan Bennett one of our favorites here on one life radio. Along with many others including Jill He is a licensed professional counselor. And we'RE GONNA be talking about all kinds of things like what to do when you don't like your partner. I think that's really funny. Don't that's A. that's a tough spot especially if you're married what would I but I do think that people you know like each other. Sometimes you know I remember someone telling me it was. It was my friend Andrea and her. She asked her grandparents. What was the secret of staying together all the years that they were together and he said well I guess neither one of US fell out of love with one another at the same time And so you know there's something to think about something to contemplate and so keep that in mind you guys. But Sam Morris Another Guy. That is just incredible. You know we're GONNA be talking about the similarities between Rehab and Corentin I can't I'm very anxious to talk to Sam. He's a super great guy he really is. He's had a long journey and sometimes a very painful journey but he's riven risen above it and he is a he is truly a brave heart and a kind heart. I'm looking forward to him. And as I said I've got Jill Lane on the line She is a pro athlete. Health and nutrition coach and founder of fuelling champions which is a three step sports performance and Athletic Nutrition Program Bill to the potential of student athletes in appearance. That support them. How you doing today Jill? Hey great to be with you again. Burn Yeah I always love having you on the show and for those that don't know that maybe are a new listener From California or here in Dallas. We're on in California on K. MIT in southern California and five counties. But maybe if you're a first time listening but Jill has been on the on the show from the very beginning. We met in the studio actually the first time she was on the air. And she's friends with KIP. Watson and Tina Burnett and a lot of other regulars on the show and so I asked her to call in today to talk about This article that I found eleven natural remedies for anxiety. Because I don't know about any of Y'all out there but I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately and I know a lot of people have it's just the it's just the sign of the Times right. Yeah it is and I think I think the most important thing for people to know is that experiencing anxiety occasionally is a normal part of life. You know it's a normal part of our bodies response. The thing is to know when it's becoming something that starting to control your life because people that start to having Zainy disorders or even to extreme panic attacks. They're trying to start to get in the way of them doing their normal daily thing thinking about the worrying and the the The depression or the physical symptoms of the anxiety like the racing heart and the tight chest and the worry and even sweating for some people. Can I get in the way of their daily life? So it's important to know where you are on that spectrum absolutely and it snowballs on you and I speak from personal experience I started started to experience anxiety anxiety disorder. I'm a little anxious talking about it. I'm SORTA joking but yeah I mean it's it's a big subject and it can spiral on you or snowball on you. I'm very quickly and I do think it's important to keep in mind that there are a lot of natural remedies That we can use along with some other things as well And we're going to talk about it. So this article really Gets into some of the things that I personally use so you wanNA start at the top of the list. You'll yeah I mean I think The first thing that they mentioned is lavender and the the interesting thing about lavender is that essential oils in journal. I think of become like an explosive thing in the quote Unquote Natural Health and wellness world. In the last few years with the advent of you know some big companies and multi level marketing but but essential oils have been around. And I've been part of I kind of line of medicine along with herbs for you know years and years and years for a very long time and I'm familiar with a pleasant smell of lavender. I mean most people like the smell of lavender and the really cool thing about lavender does so many things but like a couple of the other things that we're going to talk about is that it actually enhances Alpha waves in the brain and the Alpha waves in the brain are the ones that kind of help easier for the effects of anxiety and depression and they actually helped make us more creative. Like when you're meditating or practicing some sort of mindfulness or prayer your Alpha wave levels go up even just smelling lavender or applying it. You know in some oil to your body. Help increase Alpha waves and physically changes the wave lengths that are occurring in the brain. So doesn't really power fall. We yeah any one of the things that I that. I was astounded by actually and I've used lavender for years. I love it. I I used to use it. There's a lavender eucalypt eucalyptus blend that. I used to spray. You can spray it on your pillow. You have to be careful though because cats are sensitive to I believe both but But the in in this article that that amaze me was this a twenty ten study conducted in Germany suggested that a lavender oil capsule show similar effectiveness effectiveness in people with J. D. And I'm not I'm not quite sure what. Ged Is. And I did not look it up before we went live is general anxiety disorder which is kind of a generalized anxiety. We'll Sola Raza Pam which is kind of like Oh there's a couple different ones but it's basically like Isn't that the generic form of Valium? If I'm not mistaken it's in that class of drugs for sure but it says it's just as effective in people Or similar effectiveness. Excuse me and people with ged as Lorazepam. A commonly prescribed anti anxiety medication. That's amazing and I think the thing to know about this list of kind of quote unquote natural remedies. Is that like I tell with anybody as soon as you start like. I think anything in your health that you're starting to notice your little off kilter. It is a good time to start with some of these. You know natural things. And if you're having a hard time controlling anxiety and you're on medication you can talk to your position or your your preferred health practitioner about potentially using some of these things in conjunction with your pharmaceutical. And so if you're feeling a little anxious right now which like you said. A lot of people are. There's a lot of uncertainty and we have a lot of new things that we're learning to cope with. You can start with some of these things that are generally regarded as safe. Generally benign generally. Don't interact with other medications but to your point. A lot of essential worlds are really strong for pets. Have to be really More about that but you can start with some of these basics and it may just help with the you know the day to day processing that you're doing You know with the Munis especially like right now that you're subject to On this list is which I know you've told me to take before I have some at my house but it's basically green tea and so you can get green tea. He pretty much anywhere and and let's talk about that for a minute. I WANNA I WANNA really give people out there listening today. Some take home value of things that they can find in almost any grocery store or you know or market or or something like that. Yeah so L. Cnn is actually an amino acid the L. before a word Is how we differentiated amino acid in science land. So I mean isn't amino acid that's found predominantly in green tea. And the really cool thing about is that it to actually affects. Alpha waves in the brain and the cool thing about it is that you can get the benefit whether you're drinking DECAF or regular green tea. And so even if you're drinking green tea in the morning for the oxidants and the caffeine but named can't can work along with the caffeine for focus creativity a bit of dampening the anxiety as long as caffeine doesn't triggering society which for some people actually does. And so you have to know that about yourself. But Elsie needs in a capsule form is like just extracting that amino acids from tea leaves and you can get the benefits at a very low dose one hundred or two hundred milligrams and it's been shown to help again with the Alpha brainwaves which again help Easing the effect of depression and anxiety and helping with creativity and just kind of helping keep your brain and kind of chill state not like your zone out but preventing it from being stuck in overdrive. Which is what anxiety kind of feels like you know your gear engines running too hard. It's a help. Just pump the brakes just a little bit But not so much that you can't be creative and that's what I love about Al. So that's a really. You know their studies on it and children and in adults and so it's something again it's like you said a first line of defense is something you can get just by drinking green tea and you can get DECAF and make some ice cream teen with your children right now at home. Yeah I'm so great really practical thing to start

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