Maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude


I'm Janet Lewis and Dr Louis and we are going to bring you an episode today. Say Combo one is Part of it's called maintaining an attitude of gratitude and the other is to teach you about some different immune products that you may not be aware of so during this Little Thai were having at home alone. y'All can maintain your health. Then have a better chance. When this little wave comes through that you will be in a better spot so You know one of its being positive staying emotionally up lifted. The other is actually taking some products to help. Keep your immune system where it needs to be and for all of you out there that have been purchasing recently which there has been tons. Kudos to you trying to maintain your health during this and staying on your programs because this is where it starts really paying off and For those of you who are new to our show. We're going to give you a little bit. Hope here and tell you some quick things you might want to start doing to give yourself a better fighting chance Dr Lewis. Can you help us today? With maintaining an attitude of gratitude and educating us a little bit about some of the supplements that we may not know too much about well. We'll see what we get into. We were listening. You know. Jannine are being oscillated marseils which we're fine with each other. That's really kind of fun to hang with her but We were doing was watching TV Sunday and in the preacher talked about. We listen to several. Preacher talked about Psalms Ninety one and I got the Bible out and I've got all kinds of markers in there including a very beautiful picture of our sweet granddaughter. But there was no marker in Psalms Ninety One. I opened the Bible and it went directly to Psalms Ninety One. Now freaky is that And what that says he is alone. He alone is my refuge. My Place of safety is my God. Not Trusting the verse. Three says he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease. He goes on and on and on Yes this is the thing and and when we talk about supplements for immune system health. We're not make any claims about what it can do with Kobe. Nineteen is just if you believe. Your body has Immune system you know one of the best things you can do is to help your immune system help you the CDC actually come out and say that vitamin D might be advantageous for them to actually say that it might be advantageous We thought was a pretty big deal so we thought we might mention Vitamin D. A little bit so I in that kind of the way. The story went unnoticed. Sal Janet so skilfully keeps me from going down rabbit trails. That was really good Yeah it was a former. Cdc chief identifies the possibility curbing some of the corona virus This was a guy from two thousand nine to two thousand seventeen I think. Cdc Director says it's a possibility and they although not proof that vitamin D may strengthen. Immune system noticeably say possibility in May Particularly those that are vitamin D levels are low and then they go on to say that. That's about forty percent of and I say bull on that or I say bacon sandwiches pastor rusty would say although his wife tells him quit saying Bacon Sandwich inappropriate. But we do. Labs on GOBS and gobs of people in their vitamin D if it's highs thirty to forty and these people say but I'm in southern California. I'm on Beach Florida every day. I don't care. Your vitamin D is Low. And it's not even beginning to get adequate in my opinion. Tila hits fifty and above and I'd love to keep mine around eighty ninety but I don't have the gut absorption to do that so I think everybody needs to take it. It needs to be taken with heaven knowing. What's there you know? You need the lab. I think so. it Well in the other part of that is Because a lot of our probably written down to their local health food store by some vitamin D Are they all created equal? I mean do. They absorb the same way. Well you know. That's a good question Tucson Arizona. This Jack Speer Coast Survival podcast. One time and he has about quarter million listeners. Night they'd come on become you know patients and want me to help him. God Amon nightside while I'm taking five or ten thousand. Many of them said fiber ten thousand units a day. I'll say well it's not working finally got tired of hearing it and I did the statistics on it. Ninety three percent of everybody taken five thousand. I use a day or more was not working. And that's because they weren't getting the pharmaceutical type grade or why high is that? Oh I don't know a lot of supplements out there like you're crazy ex wife but well and and that's why we do the one with the K. as well right for people that have an absorption problem. Because I think there's more going on than just taking a vitamin D or zinc and isn't there. I mean yeah it. It really is the day mobilizes the calcium and then the K- helps shunt it back where it should be. Which is out of your coronary arteries out of your joints and it should be back into the brain and not into your kidneys. Mike and Kidney Stones so yeah I I I start with the D Three K. Two and a good ratio that Yeah this article. Further goes on to say Vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of respiratory infection regulate side. O'connor cytokine production and can can limit the risk of other viruses such as influenza soap. Remember the words King. Remember that I I WANNA get into it lighter I hope because when you get a respiratory infection or many other. Saadane storms it. It becomes a kind of a vicious cycle. And it's a good thing but too much of it is not a good thing and I made a note here if I can find it Cytokines well-known chemical associated with inflammation has been oscillated in patients with all forms of coladas now. So we went from respiratory Toco Ladas. I'm not saying you have your head up your that comes from a journal of Perennial Interior nutrition and it also goes on these notes. I said toxic intestinal bacteria can produce interleukins another form of inflammatory chemicals and it comes from Journalism -nology journal free radical biology so these so-called cytokines storms can get to be really serious serious thing not just with your respiratory system. Although that's what's getting most of the attention now. So it's anytime you have inflammation inflammation good thing. That's protective your body's trying to protect you but it can get to be too much and get to be a vicious cycle so the cytokines are inflammatory proteins and it helps attack the so called germ or bacteria or virus but it can do so much. That actually hurts the body. At least in Mobility weight-loss eroding muscle tissues and power defined disease in itself and. I think that's one of the big things with people that have fibromyalgia thinks like that. You know super chronic pain syndromes in and this is almost always caused by a virus or bacteria according to most of the notes operate so wonder about he at chronic. What to do about it. Well you have to have a good week. Vitamin complex and like Janet said. They're not all signed. They're really not there's Things that the some of the higher ups are talking about vitamin C. whether it's orally or or the Pro Neolithic enzymes. That's pretty seriously Important and I hope I get to some other notes. We talk about bow films and Protease Enzymes. Zinc men are some. Oh my God good research about Q. And we use Kyushu with online. Because it has a synergistic effect and has the probiotic enzymes. That makes it work better within itself

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