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We're in the middle of the cove in nineteen pandemic is continuing the escalate in California here. We're doing okay. The shelter in place seems to be Instituted in personally in San Diego we've seen the beaches and parks officially closed so that continues to escalate. But you know I'm doing okay out here things. Aren't that bad. As of now the situation does seem to be getting worse. And we're GONNA talk about that a little bit and I also want to talk about a few pipeline updates that we heard from some pretty cool company. So let's start with that and the first company wants to talk about is cassava sciences ticker symbol. Save A for those. Who Don't know but I did do a video on them. Maybe three or four years ago maybe two months and were waiting for their face to be dated. Come Out and this is a twenty eight day trial with their drug. Pti One to five. That is supposed to change the course of the disease in Alzheimer's patients so will we heard a pipeline update and their CEO said that their clinical program show no signs of slowing down. This is good. I think a lot of people weren't concerned in general all biotech virus. It really does get out of hand and trying about SARS cove to it could really interfere with regular clinical trials. Say Half the patients get the virus and have to undergo treatment for flu. That's not ideal when you're trying to just look at eight control and test groups so anyway related to cassava. Apparently their clinical programs are not slowing down and their fees to be trial completed patient enrollment as well as dosing and this is as a march twenty twenty and they mentioned that there were no safety issues found a good thing and then they also said that the company expects to announce top line results approximately mid year twenty twenty and then they also announced that they're going to initiate a one year open label study of the drug. So if this happens to not work out you know. There is a chance that the drug could affect patients in one year's time in case the Twentieth Day treatment isn't quite enough so the details of the trial. Definitely check out my older video on that. I I took a position in the fives that believe in. I think the companies now trading in the threes so I might add a little bit to the position because I did only start scaling in and really looking forward to seeing this readout here in mid twenty twenty because if it is positive the stock it increased substantially so. That's what I'm betting on here. So let's move on. Dvd TECHNOLOGY TICKER SYMBOL DVD. There a allergy company that is kind of competitor to immune even though some people would not consider them necessarily competitors because one obviously is much less effective than the other so the issue with DVD. Tea Is that their skin patch vice skin product. It is less effective than amiens. Oral immunotherapy of the benefit of that is that there are significantly fewer side effects but the issue is the FDA really wants to see that there is efficacy benefit to patients taking this drug or this therapy in order to improve the product. So we saw that Amien got FDA APPROVAL. Finally and that was nice to see and the concerns. There were that the product does have some side effects associated with it. D- On the other hand does not have many side effects but they do happen to have a lack of advocacy so what happened is the FDA identified questions regarding the efficacy of its biologics license application for vice skin peanut in patients with peanut allergy as a result the allergenic. Products Advisory Committee a PAC meeting to discuss. The bialy will no longer take place as previously scheduled so this led to a big drop in the stock and DVD's struggled off and on dealing with the FDA that's manufacturing issues last year. Maybe year more than that. I don't quite remember but I am concerned. This and I don't think it's worth buying the dip. Necessarily if they're able to show efficacy. It's going to be a real problem now. They do have some data coming out soon. That could show. That product does have more efficacy than their other. Trials showed. So if you're looking for a high risk play could do that. I am interested in space. This oral or skin related allergy desensitization. Keeping my both companies and they have taken a big hit in this recent downturn. We've had someone beekeeping my out on them all right. The next company I want to touch on is Viking Therapeutics. And it's been a long time since I talked about them. They are a company that has been Kinda slow too bad but they might have the best in class drug for Nash. It's a thyroid. Receptor Beta agonists. That does really well in lowering liver fat. So the news that we got is that their board is authorized a stock repurchase program whereby the company can repurchase up to fifty million dollars in stock over two years and this came as the market was really coming down. And I'm Kinda surprised because oftentimes these small biotech companies really struggled to raise cash because stock prices so depressed as it's being sold off for some reason. Viking has decided that it's more important for them to kind of artificially increase the stock price by doing a share buyback so as of December twentieth nineteen. They had two hundred fifty seven point six million dollars in cash. They are presenting data from their twenty eighteen trials at conferences which seems like kind of a waste of resources to me and we've really seen the data digested. I don't know what they think they're gonNA get by presenting that data. It's one thing to kind of present the updated data. But we don't really have much of that so for me. This is kind of a strange move and I would much rather than us that fifty million dollars towards anything else that would either increase the likelihood of their pipeline candidates being developed. Or you know hiring people that are good at developing Nash candidates but instead they're just buying back stock so this is not a very encouraging. Move to me. We're we're still in the midst of this case to be trial and we're waiting for that data but one thing. I wanted to notice that I looked at the clinical trials dot gov symbol for for their trial and it looks like the primary outcome is actually twelve week. Mri Data and analyzing liber fat content. The trial started in November twenty nineteen. So this actually a chance that we could see this data in the next six months or so at least before the under twenty twenty. So I'm Kinda keep in mind that and for that reason. I'm not selling any of the Stock. I have even taken quite a hit in the position. The secondary endpoint for this trial is fifty two week resolution of CFO hepatitis. The histology that's the actual biopsy of liver where they're actually going to be able to score it and evaluate. You know whether or not Nash has been resolved to some capacity given the metrics that the FDA wants them to look at but the endpoint. We're going to see. Is this twelve week. Mri data deliver fat content. And we can be pretty confident. That liver fat is going to go down. The patients in this trial are biopsy confirmed. Nash patients so the Bar is raised a little bit higher than their face to a trial. That was just done using. Nfl D. patients which is a milder form. Before you get to Nash Fatty Liver Disease Problems. So that's where Viking the last company. I WanNa talk to you before we get to. Our highlighted story is excellent therapeutics and we heard that they are accelerating the trial completion for a excess zero five typo there in Alzheimer's Disease Agitation to Q. Two rather than Q. Three Twenty Twenty. I hadn't really talked about the disease agitation trial because I think it's their lesser important one. I'm much more excited about the treatment resistant. Depression read out. That should be happening in the next week or so. And there's also going to be read out for x zero seven in migraine. Those are going to be really big moves for the stock and now we can just add another one in Q. Two we're going to see this Alzheimer's Disease Agitation. Xm Is the ticket for axiom. It's been all over the place throughout this whole downturn in the market and I have taken another position or a kind of double down with what I had because I kind of bought it at the top but I do think that they have a good chance of seeing a positive outlook in t already resistant depression and if it is positive. I think it'll be a big mover for the stock because physicians really struggled to treat already so this would be huge for them. So that's kind of where we're at with axiom and I'm looking forward to the date in the next little

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