Maxine Waters: 'I Don't Know' if Biden Can Beat Trump


Maxine waters this is number ten last night on a website called just the news and the correspondent ask your question what do you most like auntie Maxine Biden or Bernie it's not about good luck it's about now watching and understanding who can beat truck heating bein has what it takes to be dropped I don't know but we'll see she doesn't think so she doesn't think Biden can beat trump and she's right Biden can't beat anybody this is yeah this is I think what what all of these Democrats were trying to shut down this primary now stop and think of that you know we we laughed at it we had our fun of us stop and think what these clowns are suggesting from James Clyburn to James Carville to the Democrat leadership council are all talking about everything this now Democrat voters this **** Democrats have made it perfectly clear that they want they want they want Joe bye bye does a guy right they do this is what is what this means not shut it down before even half the delegates are picked

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