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Championships with the pats and bill Belichick


Bill Belichick is too powerful presence along with Tom Brady in that organization it'll always be he only did it with with Bella check they only did it together there's no more to gain from the tenth Super Bowl appearance and another championship there's nothing to gain I really firmly believe that that might sound crazy to you to say seven super bowls nothing yeah I feel like it's nothing it wouldn't do him any favors as far as legacy wise there's nothing that could change they are too dominant they've become too much a force he is you he is uniquely needed a change if he goes and wins a Super Bowl with another franchise even if he does extremely well with another franchise he will be able to extend the legacy that seems almost in conceivably on top of all there's nothing that can be done in New England I rock I think this is the exact time for him to take this chance now I don't know we can get into the football aspects of what Tampa Bay brings I think they bring some weapons I think its wide receiver corps is already leaps and bounds better than it was and and and with doing only know that O. J. Howard is kind of never really got it together but he's a very talented tight end was so we could do in college and you know he was expected to have a big year couldn't put it together partially because James Winston can't you know stop throwing interceptions but I think there's a a lot of talent there and especially with Bruce Arians that offense will be able to go I don't know if he'll be able to win certainly I don't expect them to win the way the patriots went but what's left to gain once you dominate the sport this is a difficult sport to dominate a

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