Upgrade 295: Leave the Podcast at the Beep - burst 07



SHIFT. Lines has been a lot going on. Hbo Max is set to launch on May twenty seventh in the US for nine thousand nine a month which seems expensive now in the landscape. But you do get Hashtag all your favorites friends. Big Bang Theory South Park's do your Ghibli tons of movies tons of originals all the HBO. Original some other originals. I I WANNA point out by the way that the one of the ads for this that came out from. Hbo Social Media Promoting. This was a picture of Tony. Soprano a picture of Chandler being from friends and a picture of. I don't know show the Big Bang theory and it said Bata Being Bang and I thought this isn't going to devalue the HBO brand at all so his physics about that one that went viral because it was so bad but that but it doesn't matter because it means most people are and people being like the people old HBO. This was the number one fear. Yeah it's true Zinger right like what are you about Zinger? I think I think from okay. Let me put on my warner media. Corporate Hat I think was the best brand they had I think. Hbo Max is probably the right decision. I also appreciate the fact that it basically calm you know is going to redefine what. Hbo MEANS IN A way. That is maybe not great but I think this is what they had to do. I I just think this is what they had to do. And they can still make quality originals. And they've got a bunch of catalog content I don't think. Hbo Max is going to probably be making you know. Cvs STYLE SITCOMS as their originals. Going forward seems less likely that they would do that. My my guess is that they may be broader than HBO proper but that they will still be in terms of their originals stuff that they can be more or less proud of but but yeah like this is what they had to do because they they needed to. They needed to create this product I'm as an HBO subscriber via cable. So I get HBO. It's unclear to me even now. Exactly what that means when this launches and if I

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