'Play It Again Sam!'


Drug became famous giving away free ice water but now that we work here. We can put by plan into action to make a fortune. It's very simple. We just have to take these cups and just then Dr. Steve was interrupted by the owner of Waldrop himself. Tad Houston all right. Y'All sit here. Yes Sir Mr used it. What did you say your name was again? Billy Bob Mr. Houston I'm Sally. May's older brother. She was awfully sorry she got all tied up and couldn't make shift but I told her I'd feeling for a while. I appreciate that kind of spirit boy. I'm just wondering why you had to wear her dress will. This is the store. Uniform is not it is but owner. Mind look we're about to open. There's already a line of people outside eager to get in your man in the Cup station. Right yes sir. All set excellent now went. Wait a minute what is that. What's what that thing standing next to you there. Yes you whatever you are sir. Why that's a that's a Jack local. Of course they thrive pretty well around these here. Power Jag. A that gives me an idea. I wonder if I could make a big statue of a to oops are the doors are open gets in with those cup has a throng of thirsty tourists. Pours in through the front door of wall. Drug are here on void prototype Dr Graham their fateful roebuck opinion. Ships land that time and space ship near the store. Remember Dr Grant. We don't want to go to seen. Dr Steve is apparently secured some form of employment at Wall Drug and we much foil his plot without letting anyone know from the future. I got Dr Floyd good thing. We have these period costumes. Yes poses a typical American family of the time stopping by to get your water. I'll be the doctor. Ub The sun and guess chips. You have to be the mom because the week in the dress will cover your more robotic. Tapert good now. Let's go stop. Dr Steve. Heroes Enter Wall drug amid a sea of tourists lined up to get their free ice water us by Dr Steve at the Cup station and hide behind a pickle barrel to watch what he's doing or four cups blue. Go Surf Floor Cups. They are tan sands apiece. So that'll be forty cents. But I thought the water was free. Oh the ice water is free. Yes Sir cups at ten cents apiece. Oh I see well all right. Here's forty cents. Thank you sir. The ice water whale is right over there fidget. Put these in your coin purse cheaper. Dr Floyd you see what he's doing. I sure do grant that no good. Laos is charging for the cups. That was never part of Ted. Ted's vision. What are we going to do when one thing we can do? What does me? I didn't shave. It was coming from this barrel. Our hero spoil the LID and spy a young girl bound and gagged in the barrel. Golly Tucker Floyd who is this is supposed to be employees. Dr Steve Ambush to get that ridiculous dress. He's wearing here. Let me take the bag off. Are you okay fan? But when I get my hands on the guy who did this to me isn't going to be fine. You said it sister. Just sit tight here for a second. I've got a plan. We'll get him for sure. You've got it Dr Greg. Follow my lead. Sure thing Dr Floyd Sallie Mae Swings back down into the barrel s Dr Floyd Dr Grant and Chips Approach Cup station. Good name my good man. I would like to have three cups for myself my wife and my son certainly sir. That'll be thirty cents. Thirty percent is water was calm down. Please there's no reason to get upset up shut. You promised me free. Ice Water remains free willy. But the cups of ten cents apiece most underhanded Dang I've heard of a bait and switch techniques. This one takes the cake taking advantage of poor. Tour's surreally really. We can settle this problem without shouting. What exactly is going on over here? Billy Bob you see Mr Houston this gentleman. Ralph what's going on over here? You're advertising free ice water yet. You're charging ten cents a cup Sir. You must be mistaken. We do not charge for cups. Everything about the US. Water IS FREE. The asked the water the cups. It's all free. Employees tried to charge me ten cents for each. Billy Bob is his true will sir. I thought that was the kind of thing. That capitalist like yourself would won't see we've already made over five dollars. Let's get something straight. I am not a capitalist. I'm trying to give people something they need. And if they buy something in addition to that well then that's fine. I truly believe anyone can succeed if you reach out to people in need. Now give me that money now. I'm terribly sorry sir. Here are your free cups. Is there anything else I can get you on the house? Of course my son would like a pickle of course have him go. Pick one out. Golly THANKS MR HOUSTON. I'll get one from this barrel right here. Not to grant goes over and lifts the top of the barrel and out pop sally. May's tapped me up. Stir address and Miss Beryl. Is this true? Will you see that? Would you do that to your poor sister? Not My sister I mean I mean. Well she is. How's your sister? A I have a feeling I'm being hoodwinked ear. Oh Sam just then from behind the panels steps like huge gorilla. Who STUMPS OVER TO MR HOUSTON? Sam I would like you to relieve this charlatan of Sally's dress and throw him and his Jack Elope out into the street. All those in the store singing samna piano blamed guerrilla grabs Dr Steven one swift motion removes him from selling as dress. Leaving is underwear. Nice boxers there billy Bob or should I say doctor Steve Louis. I should've known grant opens the door for Sam as he hurls Dr Steven Vigil after Landing Dr Steven. Hi Taylor back to their time and space ship. I'm terribly sorry for all the trouble. Sir. Don't mention it. You've got a great place here and I see a big future in appreciate dad yeah. Someday I'd like to expand it a bit. I've always wanted a big backyard. Someday Mr Houston Some Day. Come on grant son. Let's get back on the road. Sure thing dad come on mom. Can I borrow the car Friday night? Dad Get on the ship. Can I borrow ten dollars? Go get on. The ship are heroes returned to their ship and blast back off into the time and space. Trim has Dr. Steve learned his lesson. We'll have to continue chasing him throughout time. And just what did you think about having to wear a wig?

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