Recovery plans must prioritise small businesss


So what's the status of re opening construction sites slowly coming back online state parks golf courses some recreational fishing areas re opening next week many small businesses still in limbo still hoping for help from the paycheck protection program round two of the government program to help small businesses got off to a pretty rough start banks had problems getting application of the small business administration computer system again this computer overload they're pretty old systems but in theory there is another three to ten billion dollars available right now the original fund of three to forty nine billion ran out in thirteen days here's a report from CBS's ed o'keefe this program was developed to help small companies and I think that's where they need to start to look at first Samantha canister runs a Pennsylvania furniture company that makes seats for mass transit trains it's been pretty much crickets it wasn't until last week the twenty second that I was able to finally get my application submitted and that was after the first round of funds was already completely gone okay national another small business owners news that organizations like the LA Lakers were approved for a loan it's tough to take the Lakers are valued at more than four billion dollars and have said they're returning the four point six million they received from the program I'm not spiteful for anybody who did receive funds stop what owns the courtyard brewery in Worland and was hoping for forty thousand dollar loan to stay afloat it kind of makes for an unfair does situation like we're

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