As we lead up to it so that everybody understands they'll be a post card sent out to everyone


Number that is eleven sites this week so that is a significant expanded capacity for let's make sure we wait we utilize our enemies back up a little bit and given this is the first day were able to talk about our Walmart partnership we are announcing drive through testing site in Lowell we're excited about this testing site which is a result of the state partnership with Walmart will give Walmart credit they reached out to us to make this happen it'll be at twenty twenty Bashford manor lane which is located on the outskirts of the Newburgh neighborhood in lower level again Wednesday April twenty ninth and run seven days a week nine AM to four PM you must schedule for an appointment on their website results are available twenty four to forty eight hours and expect to be able to test between a hundred and fifty and two hundred people per day without these partnerships without the big one with Kroger without what we've been able to do with gravity without Walgreens and Walmart without our hospitals and our our a public health groups we would not be able to do what we're doing this week which is eleven plus sites we believe by Monday we'll even have some additional ones let's take advantage of it all right our next big announcement is about our primary elections in June so along with secretary of state Michael Adams

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