They Cancelled E3 - burst 15


Meet the guy who happens to do publishing deals at Sony and then you turn around and you're like Oh hey it's Phil Spencer Oleg Vincent Pella. Oh look it's Kim says it's whoever rate and and just making those face to face connections as someone who works in Games. There wants to work in gains or covers games or whatever is just so vital and valuable and it's the amount of damage that is going to happen as a result of this not happening. It's just like hard to even imagine. Yeah I do want to interject that you said three was two things and I was thinking. Why can't he? Three three things began should really be three things. And then you said two things which were the press conferences and the show floor. And then he said networking so it is. Three three is three things. I think three is three things in that. It's an electronics. Entertainment expand is an expo. It is

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