How Dave Thomas Built Wendy's



In one thousand nine hundred eighty two rex. David Thomas was born to an unwed. Mother who gave him up for adoption would be raised in poverty by his adoptive father and grandmother and the boy who went by Dave began working in the food service industry at the tender age of twelve after serving the Korean War. As a cook and Mess Sergeant Thomas Partner with a different sort of military man. Colonel Sanders himself. In helping to expand the Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise in the Midwest and among Dave Thomas's suggestions to the white suited in White Bread. Bert Baron was to appear in. Kfc's advertising his own mascot advice. That Thomas would later take himself after founding the Square Patty Burger chain. He named after his beloved daughter. As CEO of Wendy's Thomas would appear in hundreds of TV ads becoming a household name as a friendly. Grandpa with effortless. Homespun charisma like a bizarro. Papa John and as opposed to brothers Dick and Mac McDonald who had their chain legally pilfered by sinister franchising kingpin. Ray KROC Thomas Retain Day to day. Control the chain. He founded up until his

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