Maurizio Sarri slams Juventus players after Champions League defeat to Lyon



All got mall to show God what went wrong with your Venice. They were simply terrible. I mean throughout especially in the first half. They played the ball at two miles an hour. They were incredibly predictable. Building from the back. Modern Society came out after the game and basically said exactly what I just told you inside. I don't know why we played way way too slow. We were too predictable and it's strange because in the training session the day before we move the ball quickly. We ran quickly and today we were all just really slow. I don't know how I can get my players to play faster. Urine gains which brutally honest. I suppose from this perspective. The problem as cab that this isn't unique is we've seen this in the past with inventors. Haven't exactly been playing this scintillating explosive fast football. No that's that's the issue and we haven't seen it. In fact for much of the seasons insider came in. We didn't see much of it last year with illegally. Either but that was that was a different approach. Different styles play and part of the reason cited. He was brought in was to do what he did for the first half of the year at Chelsea and what he did and Napoli before that and it's all good good for you the way they did the other night the president and you say well we're going to judge at the end of the year top of the League and Blah Blah Blah. But the reality is. He's not doing why he was supposed to try to do whether it's down to him whether it's the players whether it just don't work they need to figure it out because they cannot come out and play like this weekend you get away with it here and there and said yeah against bad teams but sooner or later it's GonNa come and bite you on the behind against Leon. Imagine if they play somebody really really good. How much trouble could Sarah being? So they get no doubt by Leon. Could they go before the end of the season because obviously the title race is nowhere near wraps up at the moment figures? There's any chance of of Saudi going. Before the end of the season as things stand they'd have to generate pretty badly Wins wins the league in his first year in charge. Given given how strong the competition has looked you know I think that they will definitely bring him back even if they don't but I. The screws are definitely turning on and. I think there will be a bit of the backlash fans. Don't forget they were pretty comfortable. Most of them doing what they were doing before. Winning the League being very comfortable sitting and defending and knock conceding shots the worrying thing against Leon is not only. Do they not getting shots on goal. They conceded eleven shots from Leon so even though they played better in the second half. It's not as if they were sitting back there. You know defending and Leon was just stuck playing in front of them the whole game and they were sort of shepherding. Ius Toy towards the draw. No they were under pressure. And they were conceiving chances how do we explain this boys for such a big game and we know how important the Champions League eventers see very slow lethargic ninety minutes Rome because you can't switch on and off draining apparently so good de traders tries to gain. Performance is not like a surprise. Gob said so. You can't just switch on and off you look at Chelsea. He had success at the end of the dead. Get better but it was pedestrian for a long period. Now he might say well. Yeah but I didn't get much time there to implement for season which would be correct. I would say has to clubs. He's not since he hasn't been able to recreate the football environment. The not play and the timeframe is been these clubs and event. This is a pretty unforgiving place for team. That doesn't get success. I mean got out of the Champions League is one thing but Gordon out potentially team struggling league as a different thing

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